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Ask Some HTTP/2 Pros The Hard Questions


We're big fans of HTTP/2 and our customers make up the majority of HTTP/2 enabled domains today. HTTP/2 is a key part of the modern web, and its growth and adoption is changing how websites and applications are built.

On Thursday July 21, 2016, join web performance experts Ilya Grigorik (Web Performance Engineer at Google) and Suzanne Aldrich (Solutions Engineer at CloudFlare), as they discuss the latest in HTTP/2 and Server Push, the tools and resources you can use today to build fast and scalable web apps, and ways to speed up your content on any device.

When: Thursday July 21, 2016 from 1pm-2pm Eastern Time (1500 – 1600 UTC)

Who: CloudFlare’s own Suzanne Aldrich and Ilya Grigorik from Google

Need the basics of HTTP/2 and Server Push? Visit the CloudFlare HTTP/2 website.

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