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Cloudforce One is now generally available: empower your security team with threat data, tooling, and access to industry experts


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Cloudforce One is now generally available: empower your security team with threat data, tooling, and access to industry experts

Cloudflare’s threat operations and research team, Cloudforce One, is now open for business and has begun conducting threat briefings. Access to the team is available via an add-on subscription, and includes threat data and briefings, security tools, and the ability to make requests for information (RFIs) to the team.

Fill out this form or contact your account team to learn more.

Subscriptions come in two packages, and are priced based on number of employees: “Premier” includes our full history of threat data, bundled RFIs, and an API quota designed to support integrations with SIEMs. “Core” level includes reduced history and quotas. Both packages include access to all available security tools, including a threat investigation portal and sinkholes-as-a-service.

If you’re an enterprise customer interested in understanding the type of threat briefings that Cloudforce One customers receive, you can register here for “YackingYeti: How a Russian threat group targets Ukraine—and the world”, scheduled for October 12. The briefing will include Q&A with Blake Darché, head of Cloudforce One, and an opportunity to learn more about the team and offering.

Requests for Information (RFIs) and Briefings

The Cloudforce One team is composed of analysts assigned to five subteams: Malware Analysis, Threat Analysis, Active Mitigation and Countermeasures, Intelligence Analysis, and Intelligence Sharing. Collectively, they have tracked many of the most sophisticated cyber criminals on the Internet while at the National Security Agency (NSA), USCYBERCOM, and Area 1 Security, and have worked closely with similar organizations and governments to disrupt these threat actors. They’ve also been prolific in publishing “finished intel” reports on security topics of significant geopolitical importance, such as targeted attacks against governments, technology companies, the energy sector, and law firms, and have regularly briefed top organizations around the world on their efforts.

Included with a Cloudforce One subscription is the ability to make “requests for information” (RFIs) to these experts. RFIs can be on any security topic of interest, and will be analyzed and responded to in a timely manner. For example, the Cloudforce One Malware Analysis team can accept uploads of possible malware and provide a technical analysis of the submitted resource. Each plan level comes with a fixed number of RFIs, and additional requests can be added.

In addition to customer-specific requests, Cloudforce One conducts regular briefings on a variety of threats and threat actors—those targeting specific industries as well as more general topics of interest.

Threat Data

The best way to understand threats facing networks and applications connected to the Internet is to operate and protect critical, large scale Internet infrastructure. And to defend attacks against millions of customers, large and small. Since our early days, Cloudflare has set out to build one of the world’s largest global networks to do just that. Every day we answer trillions of DNS queries, track the issuance of millions SSL/TLS certificates in our CT log, inspect millions of emails for threats, route multiple petabytes of traffic to our customers’ networks, and proxy trillions of HTTP requests destined for our customers’ applications. Each one of these queries and packets provides a unique data point that can be analyzed at scale and anonymized into actionable threat data—now available to our Cloudforce One customers.

Data sets now available in the dashboard and via API for subscribers include IP, ASN, and domain intelligence, passive DNS resolutions; threat actor cards with indicators of compromise (IoC), open port, and new Managed IP Lists are planned for release later this year.

Security Tools

Security analysts and threat hunting teams are being forced to do more with less in today’s operating environment, but that doesn’t reduce their need for reliable tools that can quickly identify and eliminate risks.

Bundled with Cloudforce One are several security tools that can be deployed as services to expedite threat hunting and remediation:

Threat Investigation Portal

  • Located within Security Center, the Investigate tab is your portal for querying current and historical threat data on IPs, ASNs, URLs (new!), and domains.
  • URLs can now be scanned for phishing contents, with heuristic and machine learning-scored results presented on demand.

Brand Protection (new!)

  • Also located within the Security Center, the Brand Protection tab can be used to register keywords or assets (e.g., corporate logos, etc.) that customers wish to be notified of when they appear on the Internet.

Sinkholes (new!)

  • Sinkholes can be created on-demand, as a service, to monitor hosts infected with malware and prevent them from communicating with command-and-control (C2) servers.
  • After creating a sinkhole via API, an IP will be returned which can be used with DNS products like Cloudflare Gateway to route web requests to safe sinkholes (and away from C2 servers). Sinkholes can be used to intercept SMTP traffic.
  • Premier customers can also bring their own IP address space to use for sinkholes, to accommodate egress firewall filtering or other use cases. In the future we plan to extend our sinkhole capability to the network layer, which will allow it to be deployed alongside offerings such as Magic Transit and Magic WAN.

Getting Started with Cloudforce One

Cloudforce One is open for business and ready to answer your security inquiries. Speak to your account manager or fill out this form to learn more. We hope to see you on the upcoming webinar!

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