CloudFlare is Now Part of the Hong Kong Internet Exchange (HKIX)

CloudFlare is now connected to HKIX (Hong Kong Internet Exchange). HKIX is the largest Internet Exchange in Asia transferring around 200Gbit to its 160 ISP, Carrier and Content networks. HKIX is fundamental to the local Hong Kong ISP Market, with every provider in Hong Kong connected, as well as excellent regional coverage with networks from Thailand to Japan to Australia.

So, what does a connection to HKIX mean for CloudFlare users? Faster performance for your Hong Kong web surfers. Being a part of the HKIX allows us to deliver traffic to all Hong Kong web surfers within Hong Kong. This will improve web browsing performance by keeping the traffic local and the latency low.

Connecting to HKIX is one of the steps CloudFlare is working on to bring the Internet closer to you. Watch for more news to come over 2012!