EDIT: This post offers details about an older Google Analytics app that was available via Cloudflare but is no longer supported.

Google Analytics is one of the most popular services for websites. Google Analytics gives you rich insight into the visitors coming to your website. We are pleased to announce that Google Analytics is now available through CloudFlare Apps.

By adding Google Analytics through CloudFlare Apps, Google Analytics will be installed on all of your pages, even error pages, and you will always have the latest version without ever having to touch your code again. You may or may not have known, but Google updated its Analytics JavaScript code in May so that website owners can now see Site Speed measurement data right from their Google Analytics dashboard. By signing up for Google Analytics through CloudFlare, you'll automatically get access to this new data.

If you add Google Analytics through CloudFlare, you do not need to remove the original Google Analytics code, your visitors will only be counted once and any future updates Google makes to Google Analytics will automatically be updated in your settings.

App a Day #3 - Google Analytics as an App

Note: If you are currently using Google Analytics through CloudFlare, there is no need to make any updates or change anything in your settings. In the future, CloudFlare will be removing Google Analytics from the CloudFlare settings and only offering it within the CloudFlare Apps dashboard.