Building a great customer experience is a top priority here at Cloudflare. Over the last week, we have been  slowly rolling out an improvement to our customer dashboard - specifically the zone overview page. We are now ready to share the new dashboard with everyone.

The new Cloudflare dashboard

Many of the changes you’ll notice first were driven directly by customer feedback. We’ve heard time and time again that site owners would like better visibility of their key analytics, and for it to be easier to apply certain common settings changes. This new dashboard provides both, with a snapshot of several of your key analytics, and a new toolkit area for easy access to key functions. This page has also been redesigned from top to bottom for responsiveness across various devices and screen widths.

Even more interesting is all the work under-the-hood that went into making this release and how it sets the stage for improvements to our customer experience as we look ahead to 2019. This is one of the first pieces of production Product work shipped using our new prototyping framework. We will soon be sharing details of the design systems work that underlies the new experience on your Cloudflare dashboard.

In the meanwhile, take a look at the new overview page, and give us some feedback!