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Cloudflare Partner Program Now Supports SASE & Zero Trust Managed Services


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Cloudflare Partner Program Now Supports SASE & Zero Trust Managed Services

The importance of the Cloudflare Partner Network was on full display in 2021, with record level partner growth in 2021 and aiming even higher in 2022. We’ve been listening to our partners and working to constantly strengthen our ability to deliver value for businesses of all types. An area we identified we could do better, is a program to support “service partners” that want to wrap managed and professional services around Cloudflare products. Today, we are excited to announce the next evolution of the Cloudflare Channel and Alliances Partner Program to specifically enable partners that provide services around Cloudflare products with recurring revenue streams as they equip businesses of all sizes and types with Cloudflare’s leading Zero Trust and SASE solutions.

Core to enabling Services Partners are some exciting enhancements:

  • New Program Paths
  • New Managed Services Partner (MSP) Accreditation.
  • New Support & Go-To-Market Motions

New Program Paths

We have seen a 29% increase in ransom DDoS attacks over the past year and a 175% increase just last quarter. Partners continue to be on the front lines helping mitigate and prevent disruption from these events as they extend our services. Our goal for 2022 is to arm our partners with the tools to address these increased threats to their customers' infrastructure and applications, like Office365. We know the painstaking efforts that Services Partners make to build compelling offerings and provide the best customer outcomes. To that end, we’ve enhanced the Cloudflare Channel and Alliances Partner Program to not only focus on extending security, performance, and reliability to more customers, but provide a services-first approach for partners. We are committing to the growth of MSP & MSSP partners who share Cloudflare’s mission of helping to build a better Internet.

We’ve been building out the Cloudflare Partner Network for years, working alongside businesses of all sizes and types including our world-wide system integrator partners like Rackspace, as well as partners across EMEA, APAC like Blazeclan, and Kingsoft in China, to name a few. Working with enthusiastic, targeted partners has given us the opportunity to build a program to deliver a robust yet tailored program to support our partners’ ever-evolving needs from network transformations and application modernization, to Zero Trust solutions and onwards.

“Rackspace offers expert consultative services and 24x7 managed support based on Cloudflare’s web application security, secure Internet access, gateway and browsing technologies. With Rackspace Elastic Engineering for Security and Cloudflare's cutting-edge cloud solutions, we'll be able to help our customers fast-forward to a modern, Zero Trust approach to securing their teams, applications and infrastructure."
- Gary Alterson, Vice President of Security Services at Rackspace Technology
"We are excited to participate in Cloudflare's new Services Partner Program.  Cloudflare provides the advanced cloud technology at the center of digital business models.  As a Cloudflare MSP Elite partner, we are able to leverage their innovative cloud solutions with embedded, network edge security to give our customers single-pane-of-glass reporting and policy management across internet applications."
- Veeraj Thaploo, CTO, Blazeclan technologies

Advanced Managed Services Partners

The entry point for partners that are providing managed IT services for small to midsize organizations who are fanatical about providing the best customer experience by leveraging Cloudflare’s extensive platform. Advanced MSP Partners will have access to tools that will help embed Cloudflare into their services offerings to deliver unique, outcome-based SASE and Zero Trust solutions.

Elite Managed Services Partners

Reserved for global partners that possess resource-intense engagement in IT consulting, advisory, and large scale services in the Large Enterprise segment. Elite MSP Partners will have access to dedicated technical and sales resources as well as a named Partner Success Manager to guide growth and business development around their Cloudflare-based services practice. In addition, these partners will have access to executive leadership and marketing programs to develop joint go-to-market functions.

Services-Only Partnerships

Invite-only for partners to deliver general professional services, highly technical services such as Application Modernization via Cloudflare Workers development, Implementation and Migration Services, and Security Assessments.

New Managed Services Partner Accreditation (AMSP)

Helping build a better Internet isn’t simple. Providing managed services for a wide range of customer types and sizes requires a targeted but ever-evolving approach. To support the new Services Program, we’ve introduced a new Certification course that provides the foundational tools for creating the Cloudflare customer experience. Course highlights include best practices for services design, implementation, and providing ongoing technical and relationship management. Services Partners provide customers with a seamless experience from implementation to configuration to ongoing services; here are some of the highlights:

  • New Enablement path for MSP Partners - L1/ L2 Support + Account Management
  • New Customer Success Enablement path for Services Partners
  • New Specialist Accreditation for Cloudflare Zero Trust

New Support & Go-To-Market Motions

Technical Services Managers & Partner Success

Regional resources dedicated to helping partners develop, drive, and expand their Cloudflare-based services offerings, specifically centered around SASE and Zero Trust.

Tenant API Provisioning

Our Partner Platform was built to be extensible, and we’re excited to announce that all of our partners can support the provisioning and deployment of a leading Zero Trust suite of products.

MSP-only Licensing Plan

MSPs and MSSPs deliver finished goods and need cost-efficient ways to deliver customer outcomes. We’ve heard this from our partners, and we are developing a licensing plan that enables MSPs to sell their services powered by the Cloudflare One platform.

Transform your Customer’s Network

We’ve been working diligently to build the pilot program throughout this past year, and are eager to work with the next cohort of service partners that want to help build a better Internet for customers. We’re just getting started in providing a tailored and targeted foundation for the Cloudflare Partner Ecosystem.

Cloudflare Services Partner Offering Menu

Come join us!

During the initial launch phase, we are working with a select group of partners, and are looking forward to expanding and growing with even more partnerships. Our goal is to enable partners that are creating cloud-based security solutions and that want to join us, to further our mission to help build a better Internet. If you believe your organization would be a great fit for this program, we would love to chat with you.

More Information:

Become a Partner: Partner Portal or reach out to [email protected].

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