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Syrian Internet access reestablished starting 1432 UTC


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1432 UTC Syria has reestablished partial connectivity to the Internet. The following map of BGP connectivity shows Syria's 29386 network connected to multiple networks outside Syria.

Syrian Internet access reestablished starting 1432

This BGP map shows that connectivity with global Internet carriers PCCW and TATA has been reestiablished.

1557 UTC Syria has reconnected to Turk Telecom as well as PCCW and TATA.

Syrian Internet access reestablished starting 1432

The BGP map shows that with PCCW, TATA and Turk Telecom.

The following video shows the reestablishment of connectivity in two phases. At 1432 UTC Syria reconnected to PCCW and TATA; at 1557 UTC Syria reconnected to Turk Telecom.

1706 UTC Internal monitoring at CloudFlare shows that traffic is flowing from Syrian IP addresses onto the Internet. Both fixed and mobile IP addresses appear to be at least partially able to access the Internet.

2105 UTC Traffic to the CloudFlare network from Syrian IP addresses appears to have returned to levels seen prior to the shutdown. Almost immediately after the first links were reestablished we saw traffic
levels jump back up.

Syrian Internet access reestablished starting 1432 UTC

2112 UTC There have been no routing changes for Syria since 1558 UTC. The Internet connectivity and traffic levels appear stable.

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