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How Serverless Platforms are Changing to Enable New Applications (video)


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Serverless technology is still in its infancy, and some people are unsure about where it’s headed. Join Zack Bloom, Director of Product for Product Strategy at Cloudflare, on a journey to explore the serverless future where developers “just write code,” pay for exactly what they use, and completely forget about where code runs; then see why current platforms won't be able to get developers all the way there.

The talk below was originally presented and recorded at Serverless Computing London in November 2018. If you’d like to join us in person to talk about serverless, we’ll be announcing 2019 event locations throughout the year on the docs page.

Cloudflare's Zack Bloom spoke at Serverless Computing London Conference

About the talk

Many of the technical challenges of serverless (cold-start time, memory overhead, and CPU context switching) are solved by a new architecture which translates technology developed for web browsers onto the server. Learn about how serverless platforms built using isolates are helping to expand the kinds of applications built using serverless.

About the speaker

Zack Bloom helps build the future of the Internet as the Director of Product for Product Strategy at Cloudflare. He was a co-founder of Eager, an app platform for non-technical website owners, which was acquired by Cloudflare in 2016. He is also the creator of open-source projects which total over fifty-thousand stars on Github.

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