Illustration courtesy of Privacy Canada

Two quick things:

First, we were just issued a new IP address range which we will begin to
deploy soon. The new range is: ( -

That means the public facing IPs used by CloudFlare are now: ( - ( - ( - ( -

It will be a couple weeks before we turn start using the new IPs, but we
wanted to give people enough notice in case you're filtering connections in any way anticipating CloudFlare's IP ranges. For example, if you are using mod_cloudflare, you should upgrade to take into account the new IP range by following the instructions here.

Second, Happy New Year to the whole CloudFlare community! 2010 has been an incredible year. In the last year we grown have grown from little more than an idea to a robust service helping tens of thousands of websites, hundreds of millions of visitors, and literally billions of page views be faster, safer, and smarter. It's been pretty awesome and it only sets the stage for what's to come.

The first point above should give careful readers some sense of a bit of
what we have in store for 2011. It almost doubles our IP address
allocation and is the first step before a dramatic expansion of the
CloudFlare network. Big things are coming in the new year, and the whole
CloudFlare team is excited for what we have on tap.