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Introducing new Cloudflare for SaaS documentation


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Introducing new Cloudflare for SaaS documentation.

As a SaaS provider, you’re juggling many challenges while building your application, whether it’s custom domain support, protection from attacks, or maintaining an origin server. In 2021, we were proud to announce Cloudflare for SaaS for Everyone, which allows anyone to use Cloudflare to cover those challenges, so they can focus on other aspects of their business. This product has a variety of potential implementations; now, we are excited to announce a new section in our Developer Docs specifically devoted to Cloudflare for SaaS documentation to allow you take full advantage of its product suite.

Cloudflare for SaaS solution

You may remember, from our October 2021 blog post, all the ways that Cloudflare provides solutions for SaaS providers:

  • Set up an origin server
  • Encrypt your customers’ traffic
  • Keep your customers online
  • Boost the performance of global customers
  • Support custom domains
  • Protect against attacks and bots
  • Scale for growth
  • Provide insights and analytics

However, we received feedback from customers indicating confusion around actually using the capabilities of Cloudflare for SaaS because there are so many features! With the existing documentation, it wasn’t 100% clear how to enhance security and performance, or how to support custom domains. Now, we want to show customers how to use Cloudflare for SaaS to its full potential by including more product integrations in the docs, as opposed to only focusing on the SSL/TLS piece.

Bridging the gap

Cloudflare for SaaS can be overwhelming with so many possible add-ons and configurations. That’s why the new docs are organized into six main categories, housing a number of new, detailed guides (for example, WAF for SaaS and Regional Services for SaaS):

Once you get your SaaS application up and running with the Get Started page, you can find which configurations are best suited to your needs based on your priorities as a provider. Even if you aren’t sure what your goals are, this setup outlines the possibilities much more clearly through a number of new documents and product guides such as:

Instead of pondering over vague subsection titles, you can peruse with purpose in mind. The advantages and possibilities of Cloudflare for SaaS are highlighted instead of hidden.

Possible configurations

This setup facilitates configurations much more easily to meet your goals as a SaaS provider.

For example, consider performance. Previously, there was no documentation surrounding reduced latency for SaaS providers. Now, the Performance section explains the automatic benefits to your performance by onboarding with Cloudflare for SaaS. Additionally, it offers three options of how to reduce latency even further through brand-new docs:

Similarly, the new organization offers WAF for SaaS as a previously hidden security solution, extending providers the ability to enable automatic protection from vulnerabilities and the flexibility to create custom rules. This is conveniently accompanied by a step-by-step tutorial using Cloudflare Managed Rulesets.

What’s next

While this transition represents an improvement in the Cloudflare for SaaS docs, we’re going to expand its accessibility even more. Some tutorials, such as our Managed Ruleset Tutorial, are already live within the tile. However, more step-by-step guides for Cloudflare for SaaS products and add-ons will further enable our customers to take full advantage of the available product suite. In particular, keep an eye out for expanding documentation around using Workers for Platforms.

Check it out

Visit the new Cloudflare for SaaS tile to see the updates. If you are a SaaS provider interested in extending Cloudflare benefits to your customers through Cloudflare for SaaS, visit our Cloudflare for SaaS overview and our Plans page.

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