CloudFlare Product Updates: Updated WordPress Plugin, Invoices & New CloudFlare IP addresses

As you may have noticed recently, our engineers have been releasing a bunch of new products over the past few weeks. In addition to a vastly improved and cheaper option for adding CloudFlare SSL to domains, we've also made a few changes that may have been missed with the SSL changes.

What's new:

  1. CloudFlare has updated the CloudFlare WordPress plugin to reflect new IP addresses we've added to the CloudFlare network. We're waiting on approval to get the new IP addresses updated in the CloudFlare Joomla extension as well.
  2. CloudFlare added some new CloudFlare IP address ranges for both IpV4 and IpV6. Customers should make sure that they have updated mod_cloudflare to reflect these changes.
  3. CloudFlare has recently launched a much improved version of CloudFlare invoices that you can find in your billing history.
  4. CloudFlare's SSL now has three different SSL setting options.
  5. A new CloudFlare datacenter in the United Kingdom.
  6. Dome9 has been added to our growing list of app partners.

What's around the corner:

  1. A new look to the overview page for 'My Websites'.
  2. A new look to the CloudFlare 'Settings' page.
  3. A new tier of billing service (stay tuned).

Have other suggestions about what we can do to improve the CloudFlare service? Send us a message with what you would like to see CloudFlare develop next.