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Cloudflare's CASB integration with Salesforce and Box


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New: Scan Salesforce and Box for security issues

Today, we’re sharing the release of two new SaaS integrations for Cloudflare CASB - Salesforce and Box - in order to help CIOs, IT leaders, and security admins swiftly identify looming security issues present across the exact type of tools housing this business-critical data.

Recap: What is Cloudflare CASB?

Released in September, Cloudflare’s API CASB has already proven to organizations from around the world that security risks - like insecure settings and inappropriate file sharing - can often exist across the friendly SaaS apps we all know and love, and indeed pose a threat. By giving operators a comprehensive view of the issues plaguing their SaaS environments, Cloudflare CASB has allowed them to effortlessly remediate problems in a timely manner before they can be leveraged against them.

But as both we and other forward-thinking administrators have come to realize, it’s not always Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and business chat tools like Slack that contain an organization’s most sensitive information.

Scan Salesforce with Cloudflare CASB

The first Software-as-a-Service. Salesforce, the sprawling, intricate, hard-to-contain Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, gives workforces a flexible hub from which they can do just as the software describes: manage customer relationships. Whether it be tracking deals and selling opportunities, managing customer conversations, or storing contractual agreements, Salesforce has truly become the ubiquitous solution for organizations looking for a way to manage every customer-facing interaction they have.

This reliance, however, also makes Salesforce a business data goldmine for bad actors.

With CASB’s new integration for Salesforce, IT and security operators will be able to quickly connect their environments and scan them for the kind of issues putting their sensitive business data at risk. Spot uploaded files that have been shared publicly with anyone who has the link. Identify default permissions that give employees access to records that should be need-to-know only. You can even see employees who are sending out emails as other Salesforce users!

Using this new integration, we’re excited to help close the security visibility gap for yet another SaaS app serving as the lifeblood for teams out in the field making business happen.

Scan Box with Cloudflare CASB

Box is the leading Content Cloud that enables organizations to accelerate business processes, power workplace collaboration, and protect their most valuable information, all while working with a best-of-breed enterprise IT stack like Cloudflare.

A platform used to store everything - from contracts and financials to product roadmaps and employee records - Box has given collaborative organizations a single place to convene and share information that, in a growing remote-first world, has no better place to be stored.

So where are disgruntled employees and people with malicious intent going to look when they want to unveil private business files?

With Cloudflare CASB’s new integration for Box, security and IT teams alike can now link their admin accounts and scan them for under-the-radar security issues leaving them prone to compromise and data exfiltration. In addition to Box’s built-in content and collaboration security, Cloudflare CASB gives you another added layer of protection where you can catch files and folders shared publicly or with users outside your organization. By providing security admins with a single view to see employees who aren’t following security policies, we make it harder for bad actors to get inside and do damage.

With Cloudflare’s status as an official Box Technology Partner, we’re looking forward to offering both Cloudflare and Box users a robust, yet easy-to-use toolset that can help stop pressing, real-world data security incidents right in their tracks.

“Organizations today need products that are inherently secure to support employees working from anywhere,” said Areg Alimian, Head of Security Products at Box. “At Box, we continuously strive to improve our integrations with third-party apps so that it’s easier than ever for customers to use Box alongside best-in-class solutions. With today’s integration with Cloudflare CASB, we enable our joint customers to have a single pane of glass view allowing them to consistently enforce security policies and protect leakage of sensitive information across all their apps.”

Taking action on your business data security

Salesforce and Box are certainly not the only SaaS applications managing this type of sensitive organizational data. At Cloudflare, we strive to make our products as widely compatible as possible so that organizations can continue to place their trust and confidence in us to help keep them secure.

Today, Cloudflare CASB supports integrations with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, and Box, with a growing list of other critical applications on their way, so if there’s one in particular you’d like to see soon, let us know!

For those not already using Cloudflare Zero Trust, don’t hesitate to get started today - see the platform yourself with 50 free seats by signing up here, then get in touch with our team here to learn more about how Cloudflare CASB can help your organization lock down its SaaS apps.

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

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