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Build your next big idea with Cloudflare Pages


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Introducing Pages Plugins

Have you ever had a surge of inspiration for a project? That feeling when you have a great idea – a big idea — that you just can’t shake? When all you can think about is putting your hands to your keyboard and hacking away? Building a website takes courage, creativity, passion and drive, and with Cloudflare Pages we believe nothing should stand in the way of that vision.

Especially not a price tag.

Big ideas

We built Pages to be at the center of your developer experience – a way for you to get started right away without worrying about the heavy lift of setting up a fullstack app.  A quick commit to your git provider or direct upload to our platform, and your rich and powerful site is deployed to our network of 270+ data centers in seconds. And above all, we built Pages to scale with you as you grow exponentially without getting hit by an unexpected bill.

The limit does not exist

We’re a platform that’s invested in your vision – no matter how wacky and wild (the best ones usually are!). That’s why for many parts of Pages we want your experience to be limitless.

Unlimited requests: As your idea grows, so does your traffic. While thousands and millions of end users flock to your site, Pages is prepared to handle all of your traffic with no extra cost to you – even when millions turn to billions.

Unlimited bandwidth: As your traffic grows, you’ll need more bandwidth – and with Pages, we got you. If your site takes off in popularity one day, the next day shouldn’t be a cause for panic because of a nasty bill. It should be a day of celebration and pride. We’re giving unlimited bandwidth so you can keep your eyes focused on moving up and to the right.

Unlimited free seats: With a rise in demand for your app, you’re going to need more folks working with you. We know from experience that more great ideas don’t just come from one person but a strong team of people. We want to be there every step of the way along with every person you want on this journey with you. Just because your team grows doesn’t mean your bill has to.

Unlimited projects: With one great idea, means many more to follow. With Pages, you can deploy as many projects as you want – keep them coming! Not every idea is going to be the right one – we know this! Prove out your vision in private org-owned repos for free! Try out a plethora of development frameworks until you’ve found the perfect combination for your idea. Test your changes locally using our Wrangler integration so you can be confident in whatever you choose to put out into the world.

Quick, easy and free integrations

Workers: Take your idea from static to dynamic with Pages’ native integration with Cloudflare Workers, our serverless functions offering. Drop your functions into your functions folder and deploy them alongside your static assets no extra configuration required! We announced built-in support for Cloudflare Workers back in November and have since announced framework integrations with Remix, Sveltekit and Qwik, and are working on fullstack support for Next.js within the year!

Cloudflare Access: Working with more than just a team of developers? Send your staging changes to product managers and marketing teams with a unique preview URL for every deployment. And what’s more? You can enable protection for your preview links using our native integration with Cloudflare Access at no additional cost. With one click, send around your latest version without fear of getting into the wrong hands.

Custom domains: With every Pages project, get a free subdomain to deploy your project under. When you’re ready for the big day, with built in SSL for SaaS, bring that idea to life with a custom domain of its own!

Web Analytics: When launch day comes around, check out just how well it’s going with our deep, privacy-first integration with Cloudflare’s Web Analytics. Track every single one of your sites’ progress and performance, including metrics about your traffic and core web vitals with just one click – completely on us!

Wicked fast performance

And the best part? Our generous free tier never means compromising site performance. Bring your site closer to your users on your first deployment no matter where they are in the world. The Cloudflare network spans across 270+ cities around the globe and your site is distributed to each of them faster than you can say “it’s go time”. There’s also no need to choose regions for your deployments, we want you to have them all and get even more granular, so your big idea can truly go global.

What else?

Building on Pages is just the start of what your idea could grow to become. In the coming months you can expect deep integrations with our new Cloudflare storage offerings like R2, our object storage service with zero egress fees (open beta), and D1 our first SQL database on the edge (private beta).

We’ve talked a lot about building your entire platform on Cloudflare. We’re reimagining this experience to be even easier and even more powerful.

Using just Cloudflare, you’ll be able to build big projects – like an entire store! You can use R2 to host the images, D1 to store product info, inventory data and user details, and Pages to seamlessly build and deploy. A frictionless dev experience for a full stack app that can live and work entirely from the edge. Best of all, don’t worry about getting hung up on cost, we’ll always have a generous free tier so you can get started right away.

At Cloudflare, we believe that every developer deserves to dream big. For the developers who love to build, who are curious, who explore, let us take you there – no surprises! Leave the security and scalability to us, so you can put your fingers to the keyboard and do what you do best!

Give it a go

Learn more about Pages and check out our developer documentation. Be sure to join our active Cloudflare Developer Discord and meet our community of developers building on our platform. You can chat directly with our product and engineering teams and get exclusive access to our offered betas!

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

Visit from any device to get started with our free app that makes your Internet faster and safer.

To learn more about our mission to help build a better Internet, start here. If you're looking for a new career direction, check out our open positions.
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