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Automatic protection for common web platforms


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If you are a CloudFlare Pro or above customer you enjoy the protection of the CloudFlare WAF. If you use one of the common web platforms, such as WordPress, Drupal, Plone, WHMCS, or Joomla, then it's worth checking if the relevant CloudFlare WAF ruleset is enabled.

That's because CloudFlare pushes updates to these rules automatically when new vulnerabilities are found. If you enable the relevant ruleset for your technology then you'll be protected the moment new rules are published.

For example, here's a screenshot of the WAF Settings for a customer who uses WordPress (but doesn't use Joomla). If CloudFlare pushes rules to the WordPress set then they'll be protected automatically.

Enabling a ruleset is simple. Just click the ON/OFF button and make sure it's set to ON.

Here's a customer with the Drupal ruleset disabled. Clicking the ON/OFF button would enable that ruleset and provide protection from existing vulnerabilities and automatic protection if new rules are deployed.

For common problems we've rolled out protection across the board. For example, we rolled out Heartbleed protection and Shellshock automatically, but for technology-specific updates it's best to enable the appropriate ruleset in the WAF Settings.

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