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Cloudflare’s Transparency Report for Second Half 2016 and an Additional Disclosure for 2013

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Cloudflare is publishing today its seventh transparency report, covering the second half of 2016. For the first time, we are able to present information on a previously undisclosed National Security Letter (NSL) Cloudflare received in the 2013 reporting period. Wikipedia provides the most succinct description of an NSL: An NSL

EFF, CloudFlare Ask Federal Court Not To Force Internet Companies To Enforce Music Labels’ Trademarks

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This blog was originally posted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation who represents CloudFlare in this case. JUNE 18, 2015 | BY MITCH STOLTZ This month, CloudFlare and EFF pushed back against major music labels’ latest strategy to force Internet infrastructure companies like CloudFlare to become trademark and copyright enforcers, by challenging

CloudFlare Publishes Transparency Report for 2013

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On January 27, the Department of Justice and the Director of National Intelligence announced a change in rules governing the disclosure of National Security Orders, affording slightly more latitude in how companies could report the number of National Security Orders which they had received. Within several hours, CloudFlare presented its