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CloudFlare Publishes Transparency Report for 2013


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On January 27, the Department of Justice and the Director of National Intelligence announced a change in rules governing the disclosure of National Security Orders, affording slightly more latitude in how companies could report the number of National Security Orders which they had received. Within several hours, CloudFlare presented its initial Transparency Report on National Security Orders.

I'm the Count. I love to count governmental requests

Today, CloudFlare is publishing its first complete Transparency Report on governmental requests to coincide with TrustyCon.

The Transparency Report shows how many subpoenas, court orders, search warrants, pen register/trap and trace (PRTT) orders, and national security orders CloudFlare received and how many domains and accounts were affected by CloudFlare’s response those requests in 2013. The report does not include non-governmental requests.

All totaled, the requests received affected fewer than 0.017% of the more than 2 million CloudFlare customers domains.

CloudFlare operates a global network and is extremely mindful of the responsibility that comes with that privileged position. It is CloudFlare’s overriding privacy principle to protect and secure our customers’ information; we will not sell, rent, or give away any of their personal information without their consent. An essential part of protecting our customers’ right to privacy and to earning their trust is being transparent about the governmental requests we receive.

We will continue to update this report on a semiannual basis at Transparency Report.

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