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Workers, Now Even More Unbound: 15 Minutes, 100 Scripts, and No Egress Fees


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Workers, Now Even More Unbound: 15 Minutes, 100 Scripts, and No Egress

Our mission is to enable developers to build their applications, end to end, on our platform, and ruthlessly eliminate limitations that may get in the way. Today, we're excited to announce you can build large, data-intensive applications on our network, all without breaking the bank; starting today, we're dropping egress fees to zero.

More Affordable: No Egress Fees

Building more on any platform historically comes with a caveat — high data transfer cost. These costs often come in the form of egress fees. Especially in the case of data intensive workloads, egress data transfer costs can come at a high premium, depending on the provider.

What exactly are data egress fees? They are the costs of retrieving data from a cloud provider. Cloud infrastructure providers generally pay for bandwidth based on capacity, but often bill customers based on the amount of data transferred. Curious to learn more about what this means for end users? We recently wrote an analysis of AWS’ Egregious Egress — a good read if you would like to learn more about the ‘Hotel California’ model AWS has spun up. Effectively, data egress fees lock you into their platform, making you choose your provider based not on which provider has the best infrastructure for your use case, but instead choosing the provider where your data resides.

At Cloudflare, we’re working to flip the script for our customers. Our recently announced R2 Storage waives the data egress fees other providers implement for similar products. Cloudflare is a founding member of the Bandwidth Alliance, aiming to help our mutual customers overcome these data transfer fees.

We’re keeping true to our mission and, effective immediately, dropping all Egress Data Transfer fees associated with Workers Unbound and Durable Objects. If you’re using Workers Unbound today, your next bill will no longer include Egress Data Transfer fees. If you’re not using Unbound yet, now is a great time to experiment. With Workers Unbound, get access to longer CPU time limits and pay only for what you use, and don’t worry about the data transfer cost. When paired with Bandwidth Alliance partners, this is a cost-effective solution for any data intensive workloads.

More Unbound: 15 Minutes

This week has been about defining what the future of computing is going to look like. Workers are great for your latency sensitive workloads, with zero-milliseconds cold start times, fast global deployment, and the power of Cloudflare’s network. But Workers are not limited to lightweight tasks — we want you to run your heavy workloads on our platform as well. That’s why we’re announcing you can now use up to 15 minutes of CPU time on your Workers! You can run your most compute-intensive tasks on Workers using Cron Triggers. To get started, head to the Settings tab in your Worker and select the ‘Unbound’ usage model.

Once you’ve confirmed your Usage Model is Unbound, switch to the Triggers tab and click Add Cron Trigger. You’ll see a ‘Maximum Duration’ is listed, indicating whether your schedule is eligible for 15 Minute workloads.

Wait, there’s more (literally!)

That’s not all. As a platform, it is validating to see our customers want to grow even more with us, and we’ve been working to address these restrictions. That’s why, starting today, all customers will be allowed to deploy up to 100 Worker scripts. With the introduction of Services, that represents up to 100 environments per account. This higher limit will allow our customers to migrate more use cases to the Workers platform.

We’re also delighted to announce that, alongside this increase, the Workers platform will plan to support scripts larger in size. This increase will allow developers to build Workers with more libraries and new possibilities, like running Golang with WASM. Check out an example of esbuild running on a Worker, in a script that’s just over 2MB compressed. If you’re interested in larger script sizes, sign up here.

The future of cloud computing is here, and it’s on Cloudflare. Workers has always been the secure, fast serverless offering, and has recently been named a leader in the space. Now, it is even more affordable and flexible too.

We can’t wait to see what ambitious projects our customers build. Developers are now better positioned than ever to deploy large and complex applications on Cloudflare. Excited to build using Workers, or get engaged with the community? Join our Discord server to keep up with the latest on Cloudflare Workers.

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