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When trusted relationships are formed, everyone wins!


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Key Points:

  • Customer Success Managers offer continual strategic and technical guidance by way of interactive workshops, account reviews, tuning sessions and regular product updates.
  • Our product development and design teams constantly work on new features and product updates based on your input.
  • It’s a team effort. As part of our Premium Success offering, we can introduce you to Product Managers for in-depth conversations about our solutions and how they can apply to your business goals.
  • Cloudflare is always rapidly evolving and expanding our solutions! As technology advances, so does the sophistication of attacks. Through machine learning and behavioural analysis, we are able to ship new products to ensure you remain secure without impacting performance.

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to gain more information on how they can accelerate your business.

The Success Story

Hi there. My name is Jake Jones and I’m a Customer Success Manager at Cloudflare covering the Middle East and Africa. When I look at what success means to me, it’s becoming a trusted advisor for my customers by taking a genuine interest in their priorities and helping them reach desired goals. I’ve learnt that successful partnerships are a byproduct of successful relationship building. Every customer is unique with their own specific IT set-up, ranging from legacy, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. Here is a short tale of how a collaboration with a Cloudflare customer resulted in multiple wins...

Let’s call the customer Dynamic, which is a befitting name as we constantly work together to review their infrastructure and optimise the Cloudflare platform further. We’ve all heard the phrase “people buy from people”, but true buy-in comes from forming genuine relationships.

In late 2019, when Dynamic came to Cloudflare, we understood and welcomed their emphasis on vendor collaboration. To achieve this we met regularly and had interactive workshops together, to prioritise which of Cloudflare’s solutions would be the most valuable to them. We sought to understand how they operate, their infrastructure, and most importantly, how we could help. In the first few months of the relationship, we mapped out future initiatives, projects and mitigation strategies (should an attack arise).

In the spring of 2020 attacks did arise and were diverse in nature, aiming to overload their website and IP subnets - we could not let this happen! Fortunately, through proactive communication, we understood each other’s workflow and had pre-established how Cloudflare could quickly protect against vulnerabilities. The attack was quickly mitigated through our automatic DDoS protection, with Magic Transit ensuring Dynamics on-premise infrastructure remained safeguarded. In turn, their reputation was upheld and any financial loss was minimized.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. We’re there for the good times too! For example, we love to get feedback and grant exclusive access to our beta (early release) launches as part of our Premium Success offering.

Having access to Cloudflare’s beta programme is an excellent opportunity to knowledge share and improve the user experience. With this information, we gave feedback to our product and design team with recommendations on new functionalities the customer would like to see. However, it’s not only our solutions that are enhanced. We are continually evolving our infrastructure and adding more capacity on our servers, to accommodate the growing market landscape.

The moral of the story is that collaboration and relationship building leads to secure platform consolidation and trust in those who manage it.

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