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Welcome to Developer Week 2023


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Welcome to Developer Week 2023

It is an incredibly exciting time to be a developer.

The frameworks, libraries and developer tools we depend on keep leveling up in ways that allow us to build more efficiently. On top of that, we’re using AI-powered tools like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot to ship code quicker than many of us ever could have imagined. This all means we’re spending less time on boilerplate code and setup, and more time writing the code that makes our applications unique.

It’s not only a time when we’re equipped with the tools to be successful in new ways, but we're also finding inspiration in what’s happening around us. It feels like every day there’s an advancement with AI that changes the boundaries of what we can build. Across meetups, conferences, chat rooms, and every other place we gather as developers, we’re pushing each other to expand our ideas of what is possible.

With so much excitement permeating through the global developer community, we couldn’t imagine a better time to be kicking off Developer Week here at Cloudflare.

A focus on developer experience

A big part of any Innovation Week at Cloudflare is bringing you all new products to play with. And this year will be no different, there will be plenty of new products coming your way over the next seven days, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on them. But we know that for developers it can sometimes be more exciting to see a tool you already use upgrade its developer experience than to get something new. That’s why as we’ve planned for this Developer Week we have been particularly focused on how we can make our developer experience more seamless by addressing many of your most requested features & fixes.

Part of making our developer experience more seamless is ensuring you all can bring the technologies you already know and love to Cloudflare. We’ve especially heard this from you all when it comes to deploying JAMstack applications on Cloudflare. Without spoiling too much, if you’re using a frontend framework and building JAMstack applications we’re excited about what we’re shipping for you this week.

A platform born in the Age of AI

We want developers to be able to build anything they’re excited about on Cloudflare. And one thing a lot of us are excited about right now are AI applications. AI is something that’s been part of Cloudflare’s foundation since the beginning. We are a company that was born in the age of AI. A core part of how we work towards our mission to help build a better Internet is by using machine learning to help protect your applications.

Through this week, we want to empower you with the tools and wisdom we’ve gathered around AI and machine learning. As well as showing you how to use Cloudflare with some of your new favorite AI developer tools. We’ll be shipping sample code, tutorials, tips and best practices. And that wisdom won’t only be coming from us, we’ll be sharing the stories of customers who have built on us and give you all an opportunity to learn from the companies that inspire us.

Why I joined Cloudflare

This is special Developer Week for me because it’s my first Developer Week at Cloudflare. I joined a little over a month ago to lead our Developer Relations & Community team.

When I found out I was joining Cloudflare I called up one of my closest friends, and mentors, to share the news. He immediately said “What are you going to do? Developers are all already using Cloudflare. No matter how big or small of a project I build, I always use Cloudflare. It’s the last thing I set up before I deploy.” He couldn’t have set the stage better for me to share why I’m excited to join and a theme you’ll see throughout this week.

For many developers, you know us for our CDN, and we are one of the last pieces of infrastructure you set up for your project. Since we launched Cloudflare Workers in 2017, we’ve been shipping tools intended to help empower you not only at the end of your journey, but from the moment you start building a new project. Myself, and my team, are here to help you discover and be successful with all of our developers tools. We’ll be here from the moment you start building, when you go into production and all the way through when you’re scaling your application to millions of users around the world.

Whether you are one of the over one million developers already building on Cloudflare or you’re starting to use us for the first time during this Developer Week, I can’t wait to meet you.

Welcome to Developer Week 2023

We’re excited to kick off another Developer Week. Through this week we’ll tell you about the new tools we’re shipping and share how many of them were built. We’ll show you how you can use them, and share stories from customers who are using our developer platform today. We hope you’ll be part of the conversation, whether that’s on Discord, Cloudflare TV,, or social media.

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