Vid is the founder and CEO of ZippyKid, the leader in WordPress hosting. Vid has taken the work he did at Third Party Code (the company he founded before ZippyKid), and productized it into ZippyKid.

ZippyKid focuses purely on WordPress, specifically hosting, securing, and scaling popular WordPress websites. Vid is a self proclaimed technology addict and is passionate about its implementation in everyday life.

We connected with Vid at HostingCon, where he shared with us their latest big news.

"We just raised money from 500 Startups and some of the founders of Rackspace and even Jason Seats, the founder of Slicehost," said Vid. "The company has just been growing like crazy."

ZippyKid's latest customers include Revlon and Estee Lauder, not to mention countless other small businesses and single-practice lawyers and doctors.

Looking ahead, ZippyKid plans to build more partnerships and hire, hire, hire.

"We are going to focus on more partnerships with people who provide really excellent tools for our customers," said Vid.

The San Antonio-based company is excited to build out their fast-growth

"We can't stop growing and we don't want to," said Vid.

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