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Alex Danyluk from Parallels on integrating CloudFlare - “What you guys are offering is awesome”

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

Alex has 25 years experience in B2B hosting, web and video conferencing, mobile, voice, VoIP, call center, Internet, and data network products and services. Currently, Alex is the Sr. Director ISV & SaaS Alliances at Parallels. CloudFlare recently integrated into the Parallels APS catalog and we couldn't be

David Gardner on new acquisitions and announcements

Published on by Kristin Tarr.

Endurance International Group is a leading provider of hosting, domains and online solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. EIG serves more than two million customers through 40 distinct brands. David Gardner, Sr. Project Manager at EIG, sat down with us to talk about EIG's recent acquisitions and newest