Forrester Research, Inc. has released The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Services Providers, Q3 2015 report which ranks CloudFlare as a leader. How do you get placed “up and to the right”? The leaders in this Wave, including CloudFlare, demonstrated effective portals, good client and revenue growth, and a focus on customer service. They also all have the ability to defend against the largest amplification attacks and the most pernicious application attacks.

Here’s some of the criteria CloudFlare received the highest possible scores for:

  • Attack types defended
  • Data/scrubbing center geographic presence
  • Detection tactics
  • SSL traffic inspection

The DDoS Services Providers Wave also notes that CloudFlare boasts fast mitigation times, and that our customers gave us high marks for service delivery. The report cited CloudFlare’s excellent capabilities to deliver hybrid DDoS solutions as well.

So how does the report evaluate vendors? It evaluates vendors based on three major categories, each with specific criteria:

  • Current offering:
    The strength of vendors’ current DDoS product offering is based on evaluation categories including: business description, amplification attack defense, attack types defended, customer portal features, customer references, data/scrubbing center geographic presence, SSL traffic inspection, and standard mitigation times.

  • Strategy:
    Vendors’ position on the horizontal axis of the Wave graphic in the report indicates the strength of their DDoS strategy, specifically as it relates to our customer communication process, hybrid implementation availability, system integration partners, technical development, professional services, and sales staff.

  • Market Presence:
    Vendors’ market presence was measured based on their client base, revenue, revenue growth, and the number of years the company has offered DDoS services. One thing to note here, CloudFlare does not share financial information--this is our policy as a private company. That said, our scores for revenue and revenue growth in the market presence category were determined without sharing this information. Because of our policy, we could only share information about our client base and the number of years we have offered DDoS services.

Forrester evaluated nine participating vendors for this report. Inclusion criteria used for vendor selection for this evaluation were a mix of the breadth of each vendor’s offerings, its global presence, and its market relevance.

To check out the full report, download your complimentary copy here.

We are honored to be included and ranked as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Services Providers, Q3 2015 report.

Source: The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Services Providers, Q3 2015, Forrester Research, Inc., July 22, 2015