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Announcing Turnstile, a user-friendly, privacy-preserving alternative to CAPTCHA


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Announcing Turnstile, a user-friendly, privacy-preserving alternative to CAPTCHA

Today, we’re announcing the open beta of Turnstile, an invisible alternative to CAPTCHA. Anyone, anywhere on the Internet, who wants to replace CAPTCHA on their site will be able to call a simple API, without having to be a Cloudflare customer or sending traffic through the Cloudflare global network. Sign up here for free.

There is no point in rehashing the fact that CAPTCHA provides a terrible user experience. It's been discussed in detail before on this blog, and countless times elsewhere. The creator of the CAPTCHA has even publicly lamented that he “unwittingly created a system that was frittering away, in ten-second increments, millions of hours of a most precious resource: human brain cycles.” We hate it, you hate it, everyone hates it. Today we’re giving everyone a better option.

Turnstile is our smart CAPTCHA alternative. It automatically chooses from a rotating suite of non-intrusive browser challenges based on telemetry and client behavior exhibited during a session. We talked in an earlier post about how we’ve used our Managed Challenge system to reduce our use of CAPTCHA by 91%. Now anyone can take advantage of this same technology to stop using CAPTCHA on their own site.

UX isn’t the only big problem with CAPTCHA — so is privacy

While having to solve a CAPTCHA is a frustrating user experience, there is also a potential hidden tradeoff a website must make when using CAPTCHA. If you are a small site using CAPTCHA today, you essentially have one option: an 800 pound gorilla with 98% of the CAPTCHA market share. This tool is free to use, but in fact it has a privacy cost: you have to give your data to an ad sales company.

According to security researchers, one of the signals that Google uses to decide if you are malicious is whether you have a Google cookie in your browser, and if you have this cookie, Google will give you a higher score. Google says they don’t use this information for ad targeting, but at the end of the day, Google is an ad sales company. Meanwhile, at Cloudflare, we make money when customers choose us to protect their websites and make their services run better. It's a simple, direct relationship that perfectly aligns our incentives.

Less data collection, more privacy, same security

In June, we announced an effort with Apple to use Private Access Tokens. Visitors using operating systems that support these tokens, including the upcoming versions of macOS or iOS, can now prove they’re human without completing a CAPTCHA or giving up personal data.

By collaborating with third parties like device manufacturers, who already have the data that would help us validate a device, we are able to abstract portions of the validation process, and confirm data without actually collecting, touching, or storing that data ourselves. Rather than interrogating a device directly, we ask the device vendor to do it for us.

Private Access Tokens are built directly into Turnstile. While Turnstile has to look at some session data (like headers, user agent, and browser characteristics) to validate users without challenging them, Private Access Tokens allow us to minimize data collection by asking Apple to validate the device for us. In addition, Turnstile never looks for cookies (like a login cookie), or uses cookies to collect or store information of any kind. Cloudflare has a long track record of investing in user privacy, which we will continue with Turnstile.

We are opening our CAPTCHA replacement to everyone

To improve the Internet for everyone, we decided to open up the technology that powers our Managed Challenge to everyone in beta as a standalone product called Turnstile.

Rather than try to unilaterally deprecate and replace CAPTCHA with a single alternative, we built a platform to test many alternatives and rotate new challenges in and out as they become more or less effective. With Turnstile, we adapt the actual challenge outcome to the individual visitor/browser. First we run a series of small non-interactive JavaScript challenges gathering more signals about the visitor/browser environment. Those challenges include proof-of-work, proof-of-space, probing for web APIs, and various other challenges for detecting browser-quirks and human behavior. As a result, we can fine-tune the difficulty of the challenge to the specific request.

Turnstile also includes machine learning models that detect common features of end visitors who were able to pass a challenge before. The computational hardness of those initial challenges may vary by visitor, but is targeted to run fast.

Swap out your existing CAPTCHA in a few minutes

You can take advantage of Turnstile and stop bothering your visitors with a CAPTCHA even without being on the Cloudflare network. While we make it as easy as possible to use our network, we don't want this to be a barrier to improving privacy and user experience.

To switch from a CAPTCHA service, all you need to do is:

  1. Create a Cloudflare account, navigate to the `Turnstile` tab on the navigation bar, and get a sitekey and secret key.
  2. Copy our JavaScript from the dashboard and paste over your old CAPTCHA JavaScript.
  3. Update the server-side integration by replacing the old siteverify URL with ours.

There is more detail on the process below, including options you can configure, but that’s really it. We’re excited about the simplicity of making a change.

Deployment options and analytics

To use Turnstile, first create an account and get your site and secret keys.

Then, copy and paste our HTML snippet:

<script src="" async defer></script>

Once the script is embedded, you can use implicit rendering. Here, the HTML is scanned for elements that have a cf-turnstile class:

<form action="/login" method="POST">
  <div class="cf-turnstile" data-sitekey="yourSiteKey"></div>
  <input type="submit">

Once a challenge has been solved, a token is injected in your form, with the name cf-turnstile-response. This token can be used with our siteverify endpoint to validate a challenge response. A token can only be validated once, and a token cannot be redeemed twice. The validation can be done on the server side or even in the cloud, for example using a simple Workers fetch (see a demo here):

async function handleRequest() {
    // ... Receive token
    let formData = new FormData();
    formData.append('secret', turnstileISecretKey);
    formData.append('response', receivedToken);
    await fetch('',
            body: formData,
            method: 'POST'
    // ...

For more complex use cases, the challenge can be invoked explicitly via JavaScript:

    window.turnstileCallbackFunction = function () {
        const turnstileOptions = {
            sitekey: 'yourSitekey',
            callback: function(token) {
                console.log(`Challenge Success: ${token}`);
        turnstile.render('#container', turnstileOptions);
<div id="container"></div>

You can also create what we call 'Actions'. Custom labels that allow you to distinguish between different pages where you're using Turnstile, like a login, checkout, or account creation page.

Once you’ve deployed Turnstile, you can go back to the dashboard and see analytics on where you have widgets deployed, how users are solving them, and view any defined actions.

Why are we giving this away for free?

While this is sometimes hard for people outside to believe, helping build a better Internet truly is our mission. This isn’t the first time we’ve built free tools that we think will make the Internet better, and it won’t be the last. It's really important to us.

So whether or not you’re a Cloudflare customer today, if you’re using a CAPTCHA, try Turnstile for free, instead. You’ll make your users happier, and minimize the data you send to third parties.

Visit this page to sign up for the best invisible, privacy-first, CAPTCHA replacement and to retrieve your Turnstile beta sitekey.

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

Visit from any device to get started with our free app that makes your Internet faster and safer.

To learn more about our mission to help build a better Internet, start here. If you're looking for a new career direction, check out our open positions.
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