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October 02, 2018 3:15 PM

#BetterInternet: Join the Movement

When it comes to awareness of Cloudflare, it seems most folks fall into one of three camps: 1) those who don’t know much about Cloudflare, 2) those who are familiar with one or two of our solutions, and 3) those who understand the full breadth of Cloudflare’s global cloud network...

July 27, 2011 4:04 PM

Rejected CloudFlare Logos

Early in CloudFlare's history we realized we needed a logo. Years before we started CloudFlare, I'd met Lindon Leader at a Chamber of Commerce event in Park City, Utah. Lindon is probably one of the leading brand identity designers of the last 50 years....

March 01, 2010 10:04 PM

What's in a name?

When Michelle, Lee and I started working on the business plan that turned into Cloudflare one of the first questions was what we should call it? We needed a placeholder so we initially chose "Project WebWall." ...