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NAT To Be Missed At SXSW


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We’re at the EDGE of our seats, about to LANd in Austin, Texas in route for SXSW. (TKIP, hip, hooray!)

ARP you going to be there? We R going to have three epoch sessions by Cloudflare speakers. Ifdown, seems apt you could SELECT to JOIN. Cat make it? Not a bg deal, wget it (though it mega hertz we won’t C you). All the audio from the three sessions will be recorded, you can listen to the cd.

WPS! I almost forgot to tel(net) you whois going to be there, and WAN and where to go.

On Friday, March 9, I’m moderating a panel with Emily Schechter from Google, Aaron DeVera from Deloitte and Gabe Kassel from eero about how Wi-Fi networks work and WEP happens when attackers coax people into joining insecure networks. It’s at Salon K in the Hilton at 3:30PM.

On Sunday the 11th, Nitin Rao is on a panel with Heather West from Mozilla, Stefan Lederer from Bitmovin and Fred Benenson from Unlimited Liability Corporation LLC about the impact of the recent revocation of Net Neutrality rules on online video streaming. It’s at 11AM at Salon J in the Hilton. Nitin is really good at putting concepts in a GNU frame, so I expect this to be a bit (g)rate. Whoami kidding? It will be emacs-ulate.

And then on Thursday March 15th, Marc Rogers is giving a talk about how he hacked the Tesla Model S and the current state of automotive security. (The TLD(r) is that it’s a long road ahead, but automotive companies are driven to make it better). It’s at 11am in Room 203-204 at the JW Marriot. He gave a similar talk at Defcon so this is kind of a SQL.

There’s a lot but looking forward to packet all in. IEEE hope you can join!


Should I Use This Wi-Fi?

You’re sitting at the gate, about to connect to the free airport Wi-Fi when you stop and think. You’ve heard something about insecure public Wi-Fi before, but could using a bad Wi-Fi network really leak your data or let someone hack your Facebook? Just as there will never be perfect code, there will always be inherent flaws in the tools we use to communicate, work and pay our bills. Find out how vulnerabilities in the web are exploited and what that means in the future of our online privacy.

Fighting the Demise of Net Neutrality w/Innovation

As consumer demand for streaming video explodes, digital publishers are scrambling to upgrade their video production capabilities in the fight for viewer eyeballs. But in light of eroding net neutrality protections, publishers must ensure their streaming infrastructure delivers a stellar consumer experience in order to stay relevant and compete with giants like Netflix and YouTube. Hear from industry leaders on how the war on net neutrality will alter how audiences consume video.

MAR 15, 2018 | 11:00AM – 12:00PM | JW MARRIOTT ROOM 203-204
Who’s Really in Control of Self-Driving Cars?

A few years back, I hacked the Tesla Model S. Scary, right? Actually, it’s not as scary as it seems. In this session, I’ll discuss the current state of automotive security as I see it and give a deep dive discussion on where security needs to be moving forward. I’ll discuss the steps needed to hack a car, the cars that are most vulnerable, the security of self-driving cars, and how concerned consumers can protect themselves.

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