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Secure your unprotected assets with Security Center: quick view for CISOs


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Secure your unprotected assets with Security Center: quick view for CISOs

We understand that one of the significant hurdles faced by our customers, especially larger organizations, is obtaining a clear view of the deployment of Cloudflare services throughout their vast and complex infrastructures. The question isn't just whether Cloudflare is deployed, but whether it's fully optimized across every asset and service. Addressing this challenge head-on, we're rolling out a new feature set designed to provide better visibility and control over your security posture.

The problem we are addressing

The core problem we're tackling is the growing complexity of cyber threats and the expanding attack surface, which complicates maintaining a strong security posture for our customers.

It's not uncommon for organizations to deploy a variety of security solutions, including ours, without fully optimizing and implementing their configurations. This results in a false sense of security, underutilized investments and, more critically, exposed vulnerabilities. Our customers frequently express concerns about not having a clear picture of their security posture across their entire infrastructure, uncertain if critical assets are adequately protected or if specific Cloudflare security features could be better leveraged.

We want to bring users comprehensive visibility into their security configurations and the state of their deployments across Cloudflare's suite of products. By providing actionable insights into underconfigured areas, unassigned resources, or unutilized features, we aim to close the security gaps and enhance the overall defense mechanisms of our customers' digital ecosystems. This improvement is not just about leveraging technology but about promoting a culture of proactive security management, where every piece of the digital infrastructure is consistently and optimally protected.

How we're solving this inside Security Center

More than two years ago, we took on the mission to consolidate our extensive suite of security products, security expertise, and our unique insights into Internet threats into one comprehensive solution — the Cloudflare Security Center. Launched with the vision to simplify attack surface management and make advanced security intelligence actionable for organizations of all sizes, Security Center has since become the one-stop quick view to evaluate your security posture.

Today, we build on this foundation to address a pain point for many of our large customers: ensuring complete Cloudflare protection across their entire digital infrastructure.

Our latest update in the Security Center focuses on delivering detailed insights into Cloudflare's deployment status across your digital assets. This encompasses identifying applications where critical services like WAF, Access, and other security protection tools might not be fully configured or optimized, thereby weakening your security posture.

In addition to these insights, we are introducing a quick view within Security Center Insights, designed to offer CISOs and security teams a quick and comprehensive view of their current Cloudflare product configurations at any given moment, along with recommendations for enhancements, under the Security optimization snapshot on the dashboard.

Leveraging these new insights, Cloudflare users can now take proactive steps to close any gaps in their security framework. By offering a granular view of where specific Cloudflare services can be better utilized, we're not just solving a visibility problem — we're delivering actionable security intelligence. This means decisions can be made swiftly, ensuring that your defenses not only keep pace with, but stay ahead of, potential threats.

For instance, we'll highlight if WAF is deployed on only a portion of your zones, where Email Security could be leveraged, or if certain assets are unprotected by Access controls. We’re also making it easier for you to see if you are missing any critical setup like Page Shield, ensuring the product is configured, so you are not just one step closer to becoming compliant with standards like PCI DSS, but are also protected against evolving threats. We are outlining newly discovered API endpoints that require your attention as well.

Finally, users can now export their Security Insights using our public API, and will soon be able to do the same directly from the Cloudflare Dashboard, with a simple click of a button!

Accessing Security Center Insights

Security Center Insights is available to all Cloudflare dashboard users that are Administrators of their Cloudflare account.

Regardless of the size or scope of your deployment, our goal is to empower every user with the tools needed to achieve a robust security posture, which they can continuously influence by improving existing configurations, adding new solutions, and discovering new vulnerabilities.

Future Security Center roadmap

We’re constantly adding other relevant security insights to help improve your security posture, covering exposed infrastructure, insecure configurations, optimisations, new products, and more, including the ability to easily export these for reporting purposes. Moreover, stay tuned for a completely new reporting platform that will automatically deliver curated and contextualized security insights directly into your inbox — showcasing the power of Cloudflare’s security portfolio. The periodic reports will be complemented by a personalized interactive in-dashboard reporting experience.

Check out your security insights under your account’s Security Center now and take action to improve your security posture with Cloudflare!

If you would like to join us in building the Security Center or other exciting Cloudflare products, see our open positions and learn more about life@Cloudflare.

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