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Upcoming Meetups at CloudFlare


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At CloudFlare, we love connecting with our communities, and so we are excited to announce two meetups to be hosted here at the CloudFlare headquarters in San Francisco next month.

All Things Crypto - 5/8/2014

On Thursday, May 8, Nick Sullivan from the security engineering team at CloudFlare will host a meetup with several cryptography industry experts. The meetup will consist of three speakers giving quick 15-20 minute presentations followed by Q&A. Speakers and topics include: Trevor Perrin who will discuss "next-generation" protocols in end-to-end security for applications like chat, text messaging, and email, Brian Warner who will be discussing Firefox Sync, and Michael Hamburg who will discuss new developments in Elliptic Curve Cryptography. If you are interested in anything and everything about cryptography, then this meetup is for you! Doors open at 6:00pm PDT. RSVP on the CloudFlare Meetup page

GoSF - 5/21/2014

GoSF is a meetup group that has been around since 2011 and caters to those who program in Go. On Wednesday, May 21, CloudFlare will be hosting GoSF’s Go Session 2 - Programming in Go (for Experienced Devs). Go Sessions are part of a program designed by GoSF members to provide a guided pair-programming experience to increase knowledge of using Go in production. Experienced Go developers will lead coding exercises that will run you through Go compiling, dependency management, program structure, concurrency, and more. Interested in learning more? RSVP on the GoSF meetup page.

In addition to the networking and learning these meetups offer, CloudFlare provides pizza and beverages for all attendees. We hope to see some of you at our next event!

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