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Cloudflare partners with Kentik to enhance on-demand DDoS protection


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We are excited to announce that as of today, network security teams can procure and use Magic Transit, Cloudflare’s industry-leading DDoS mitigation solution, and Kentik’s network observability as an integrated solution. We are excited to help our customers not just with technical simplicity, but business process simplicity as well.

Why monitoring and mitigation?

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are highly disruptive to businesses everywhere. According to the Cloudflare DDoS Attack Trends report, in the first half of 2021 the world witnessed massive ransomware and ransom DDoS attack campaigns that interrupted critical infrastructure, including oil pipelines, healthcare, and financial services. In the second half, we saw a growing swarm of attacks, including one of the most powerful botnets deployed (Meris), with record-breaking network-layer attacks observed on the Cloudflare network.

Along with an increase in severity, there is a proliferation of automated toolkits that make it simple and cheap for anyone to launch these attacks. Detecting and stopping these attacks manually is not effective, and network security engineers are increasingly turning to automated tools to help ensure network and application availability.

DDoS protection has evolved over the years from appliances to hybrid models to fully Internet-native solutions, like Cloudflare’s Magic Transit. Cloudflare has been protecting millions of Internet properties against DDoS attacks, ensuring they are available at all times. Magic Transit extends Cloudflare’s industry-leading DDoS protection to shield entire IP subnets from DDoS attacks, while also accelerating network traffic, ensuring your data centers, cloud services and corporate networks are always reachable from the Internet. Our powerful global network spanning 250+ cities and 121 Tbps of capacity ensures that customers can have always-on DDoS protection without impacting network latency and application performance. Magic Transit also supports on-demand mode, which allows customers to activate DDoS protection when they need it most.

Network observability becomes critical to understand what normal looks like for your environment so that DDoS attacks are readily detected. Flow-based monitoring helps you understand not only how much traffic is flowing over your network, but also where it came from, where it’s going, and what applications are consuming bandwidth.

Magic Transit protection for every network configuration

Magic Transit is one of the most powerful DDoS mitigation platforms available today. We have worked hard to ensure Magic Transit is flexible enough for the most demanding network architectures. We need to fit into your world, not the other way around. And that involves partnering with leading network observability vendors to give you multiple options for how you choose to protect your network.

With this new partnership, customers can now consume Cloudflare’s Magic Transit service in one of three modes:

  • Always On — Customers looking for fast mitigation and traffic acceleration can deploy Magic Transit in Always On mode.
  • On Demand — Customers can choose to turn on Magic Transit response to a DDoS attack via Cloudflare’s UI or Cloudflare's Magic Transit API.
  • On Demand + Flow-based Monitoring — Customers can now purchase and deploy an integrated network observability and DDoS protection solution consisting of Cloudflare Magic Transit On Demand and Kentik Protect from a single vendor.

In each configuration, Magic Transit is seamlessly paired with Magic Firewall — our cloud-native firewall-as-a-service.

Why Kentik’s flow-based monitoring?

At Cloudflare, we continuously take feedback from our customers on both our product and on what other tools they use. Customer feedback helps us build our products and how we grow Cloudflare’s Technology Partner Program.

For our Magic Transit customers, we found that many of our customers who chose Magic Transit On Demand have adopted solutions from Kentik, the network observability company with one of the leading flow-based monitoring tools in the ecosystem. Kentik empowers network professionals to plan, run, and fix any network with observability into all their traffic.

Simplifying network security

Cloudflare strives to simplify how customers can shield their network from cybersecurity threats like DDoS attacks. Magic Transit gives network security professionals the confidence that their network resources are immune from DDoS-related outages. We have now extended that same simplicity to this joint solution, making it simple for our customers to procure, provision, and integrate Magic Transit and Kentik. Our end goal is always creating the best experience possible for our customers, with Cloudflare’s services fitting seamlessly into their existing technology stack.

Kentik’s powerful network observability cloud collects flow logs from your network components and continuously learns network behavior, detecting anomalies such as DDoS attacks. Using our native API integration, the Kentik platform can trigger Magic Transit to start attracting network traffic when there’s an attack underway. Magic Transit’s autonomous DDoS mitigation automatically analyzes incoming traffic and filters out DDoS traffic across the entire Cloudflare network, protecting your network from unwanted traffic and avoiding service availability issues and outages.

Together, Kentik and Cloudflare have created a well-supported integration and a more streamlined procurement process to combine Kentik’s best-of-breed network observability and Cloudflare's industry-leading DDoS protection in Magic Transit. Customers can now receive the best DDoS protection and network observability in a completely SaaS-based offering.

“We are excited to partner with Cloudflare to make it easier for our mutual customers to integrate our leading technology solutions and deploy industry-leading DDoS protection in a fully SaaS-based environment”, said Mike Mooney, CRO at Kentik.


Now, customers seeking to combine purpose-built, best-of-breed network observability and visualization from Kentik with Cloudflare's Magic Transit On Demand can do so through a single vendor agreement and an integrated solution.

If you'd like to learn more DDoS attack trends and how Kentik plus Cloudflare combine to provide the leading SaaS-based DDoS protection solution with over 121 Tbps of capacity, review our developer documentation and join our upcoming webinar on April 28 to learn more.

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