Google Analytics: Now with Site

Last week Google Analytics announced that they would begin integrating Site Speed tracking. This is an awesome new way for site administrators to see how well their pages are performing. CloudFlare has always been a fan of Google Analytics. Since our public launch we've offered web administrators a way to ensure Google Analytics is installed on all our users' pages, in the best possible placement, and with the latest and greatest version. As soon as we heard about new Site Speed tracking, we made changes on our system to make the new version of Google Analytics available for anyone using CloudFlare. We tested the new code last week and, beginning today, have pushed it live throughout our network.

If you're already using CloudFlare to install Google Analytics on your pages you don't need to do anything. CloudFlare will automatically upgrade the Google Analytics tracking code and on your reports you'll start seeing the Site Speed information. If you're not yet using CloudFlare to install Google Analytics, you can start by going to CloudFlare Settings for one of your page from the My Websites page, pasting in your Google Analytics tracking code (which looks something like UA-12345678-1), and clicking the "Update" button. We'll handle the rest: ensuring that every page load is tracked and you're able to take advantage of the new Site Speed feature.

What's great is this works even if you have Google Analytics on some or all of your pages. CloudFlare will intelligently detect the old version of the Google Analytics script and upgrade it across your site so you don't need to change a single line of code.