App a Day #7 - SnapEngage Live Chat for your Website

Can We Chat? Yes!

The newest CloudFlare App helps you talk with your customers. SnapEngage is live chat
for your website, which helps you "turn visitors into customers and, ultimately, friends." Their words, and well said. SnapEngage is a friendly, effective service, useful both for site owners and for customers.

For site owners, the best feature might be chatting straight from your IM (Skype or Google Talk): no new software to learn or install.

App a Day #7 - SnapEngage Live Chat for your Website

Or maybe it's the ability to use your mobile device to chat with customers. Or maybe co-browsing, so you can see what your customers need help with. See the full list of features, including the list of 26 supported languages, and decide for yourself. (Did we mention proactive chat? Again, hard to choose a favorite feature.)

Push the On Button

Via CloudFlare Apps, SnapEngage turns on with a simple toggle. Immediately, a SnapEngage account is created for you, where you can link your IM client. Note: until you do link your clients, customers may still email you via SnapEngage. Also, a Help tab is inserted on your site on the lower right side. This can be moved and customized with your SnapEngage account.

Your SnapEngage account starts with a free 15-day trial, with all Premium services enabled. Once the trial has expired, your account will be limited to one chat per day. At any time, purchase the service level you need in the CloudFlare dashboard.App a Day #7 - SnapEngage Live Chat for your Website

Sign up for your SnapEngage free trial now.