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Announcing our Spring Developer Speaker Series


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We love developers.

Late last year, we hosted Full Stack Week, with a focus on new products, features, and partnerships to continue growing Cloudflare’s developer platform. As part of Full Stack Week, we also hosted the Developer Speaker Series, bringing 12 speakers in the web dev community to our 24/7 online TV channel, Cloudflare TV. The talks covered topics across the web development ecosystem, which you can rewatch at any time.

We loved organizing the Developer Speaker Series last year. But as developers know far too well, our ecosystem changes rapidly: what may have been cutting edge back in November 2021 can be old news just a few months later in 2022. That’s what makes conferences and live speaking events so valuable: they serve as an up-to-date reference of best practices and future-facing developments in the industry. With that in mind, we're excited to announce a new edition of our Developer Speaker Series for 2022!

Check out the eleven expert web dev speakers, developers, and educators that we’ve invited to speak live on Cloudflare TV! Here are the talks you’ll be able to watch, starting tomorrow morning (May 9 at 09:00 PT):

The Bootcampers Companion – Caitlyn Greffly
In her recent book, The Bootcamper's Companion, Caitlyn dives into the specifics of how to build connections in the tech field, understand confusing tech jargon, and make yourself a stand-out candidate when looking for your first job. She'll talk about some top tips and share a bit about her experience as well as what she has learned from navigating tech as a career changer.

Engaging Ecommerce with the Visual Web – Colby Fayock
Experiences on the web have grown increasingly visual, from displaying product images to interactive NFTs, but not paying attention to how media is delivered can impact Core Web Vitals, creating a bad UX with slow-loading pages, hurting your store’s conversion and potentially losing sales.

How can we effectively leverage media to showcase products creating engaging experiences for our store? We’ll talk about the media's role in ecomm and how we can take advantage of it while optimizing delivery.

Testing Web Applications with Playwright – Debbie O’Brien
Testing is hard, testing takes time to learn and to write, and time is money. As developers, we want to test. We know we should, but we don't have time. So how can we get more developers to do testing? We can create better tools.

Let me introduce you to Playwright, a reliable tool for end-to-end cross browser testing for modern web apps, by Microsoft and fully open source. Playwright's codegen generates tests for you in JavaScript, TypeScript, Dot Net, Java or Python. Now you really have no excuses. It's time to play your tests wright.

Building serverless APIs: how Fauna and Workers make it easy – Rob Sutter
Building APIs has always been tricky when it comes to setting up architecture. FaunaDB and Workers remove that burden by letting you write code and watch it run everywhere.

Business context is developer productivity – John Feminella
A major factor in developer productivity is whether they have the context to make decisions on their own, or if instead they can only execute someone else's plan. But how do organizations give engineers the appropriate context to make those decisions when they weren't there from the beginning?

On the edge of my server – Brian Rinaldi
Edge functions can be potentially game changing. You get the power of serverless functions but running at the CDN level - meaning the response is incredibly fast. With Cloudflare Workers, every worker is an edge function. In this talk, we’ll explore why edge functions can be powerful and explore examples of how to use them to do things a normal serverless function can't do.

Ten things I love about Wrangler 2 – Sunil Pai
We spent the last six months rewriting wrangler, the CLI for building and deploying Cloudflare Workers. Almost every single feature has been upgraded to be more powerful and user-friendly, while still remaining backward compatible with the original version of wrangler. In this talk, we'll go through some of the best parts about the rewrite, and how it provides the foundation for all the things we want to build in the future.

L is for Literacy – Henri Helvetica
It’s 2022, and web performance is now abundantly important, with an abundance of available metrics, used by — you guessed it — an abundance of developers, new and experienced. All quips aside, the complexities of the web has led to increased complexities in web performance. Understanding, or literacy in web performance is as important as the four basic language skills. ‘L is for Literacy’ is a lively look at performance lexicon, backed by enlightening data all will enjoy.

Cloudflare Pages Updates – Greg Brimble
Greg Brimble, a Systems Engineer working on Pages, will showcase some of this week’s announcements live on Cloudflare TV. Tune in to see what is now possible for your Cloudflare Pages projects. We're excited to show you what the team has been working on!

Migrating to Cloudflare Pages: A look into git control, performance, and scalability – James Ross
James Ross, CTO of Nodecraft, will discuss how moving to Pages brought an improved experience for both users and his team building the future of game servers.

If you want to see the full schedule for the Developer Speaker Series, go to our landing page. It shows each talk, including speaker info and timing, as well as time zones for international viewers. When a talk goes live, tuning in is simple – just visit to start watching.

New this year, we’ve also prepared a Discord channel to follow the live conversation with other viewers! If you haven’t joined Cloudflare’s Discord server, get your invite.

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