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Watching Eurovision 2022 on Cloudflare Radar


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The Eurovision Song Contest has a history that goes back to 1956, so it's even older than the European Union and one of its highlights over the years was being the first global stage for the Swedish group ABBA — Waterloo won the 1974 edition). This year, for the 66th edition, we have a dedicated page for Eurovision fans, journalists or anyone interested in following Internet trends related to the event taking place in Turin, Italy.

The contest consists of two semi-finals and a final. The first semi-final is today, May 10, at 21:00 CEST, the second is Thursday, May 12, at 21:00 CEST. And the final is on Saturday, May 14, at 21:00 CEST. We are using Central European Summer Time and not our usual (on Radar) UTC because that’s the timezone of most of the 40 countries that will take part in the contest. There will be 17 countries in the first semi-final, 18 in the second, and 25 in the final (the full list is here).

From countries to fan sites.

First, you can see the Internet traffic aggregate in all the 40 countries that are participating in Eurovision 2022. There’s also a toggle to choose each of the 40 countries regarding Internet traffic. If you pass the mouse over the traffic line, the traffic level hour by hour is also highlighted.

Then, we use DNS name resolution data to estimate traffic from the 40 participating countries to several types of websites. We have a video platforms chart as Eurovision has content on major video platforms. The baseline for the values we use is the average of the previous week, represented in the charts.

We also show social media trends in the participating countries, by hour, to see if the Eurovision semi-finals and final cause a change.

The contest has a large base of fan websites (there’s even the OGAE, General Organisation of Eurovision Fans), and we also have a chart for Eurovision fan sites. In this chart, yesterday at 20:00 CEST, traffic was already at its highest since May 1, with 6.22x more than the average of the previous week (that’s the baseline here).

Last, but not least, we also show the impact on national official broadcasters' websites from the participating countries. For all the charts, there’s a download button to save the image file like this:

For this evening's first semi-final, Portugal is participating and since we’re writing this blog post from our Lisbon office, I asked everyone’s favorite songs for the 2022 Eurovision edition. Norway’s song from Subwoolfer, Give That Wolf A Banana, was one of the favorites, followed by Portugal’s song from MARO, Saudade, Saudade.

The UK’s song from Sam Ryder, SPACE MAN, is automatically in Saturday’s final and was also praised at the Lisbon office, the same with France’s song from Alvan & Ahez, called Fulenn, where the group sings in their native language, Breton (from the French region of Brittany).

Besides our dedicated Eurovision page,, we will also be checking this week for some trends on Cloudflare Radar’s Twitter account. Let the songs (and the Internet trends) begin.

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