To prevent cheating in exams many countries restrict or even shut down Internet access during critical exam hours. For most of June Syria is having planned Internet shutdowns during critical exam periods. The exam schedule is as follows:

I’m grateful to a Twitter user for the translation from the original Arabic and collating the data.

Cloudflare Radar allows anyone to track Internet traffic patterns around the world, and it has country-specific pages. The chart for the last seven days of Internet use in Syria as seen by Cloudflare shows two drops to almost zero corresponding to the first two exams on the schedule.

The Internet outage starts at around 0100 UTC (0400 local time) and ends about four and a half hours later at 0530 UTC (0830 UTC). This covers the period before the exams start apparently to prevent any figuring out the answers.

If you want to follow the other outages for the remaining seven exams you can see live data on the Cloudflare Radar Syria page.