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Working out Backend Knots and Building Routers (Austin Real World Serverless Video Recap)


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I work in Developer Relations at Cloudflare and I'm fortunate to have top-notch developers around me who are willing to share their knowledge with the greater developer community. I produced a series of events this autumn called Real World Serverless at multiple locations around the world and I want to share the recorded videos from these events.

Our Austin Real World Serverless event (in partnership with the ATX Serverless User Group Meetup) included two talks about Serverless technology featuring Victoria Bernard and Preston Pham from Cloudflare. They spoke about working out backend knots with Workers and building a router for the great good.

About the talks

Working out Backend Knots with Workers - Victoria Bernard (0:00-15:19)

Cloudflare Workers is a platform the makes serverless development and deployment easier than ever. A worker is a script running between your clients' browsers and your site's origin that can intercept requests. Victoria went over some popular use cases of how proxy workers can dramatically improve a site's performance and add functionality that would normally require toying with complicated back-end services.

Build a Router for Great Good - Preston Pham (15:20-33:53)

Serverless computing is great, but requires routing or some kind of API gateway. Preston built a simple JavaScript routing library for serverless Worker scripts and explained how you can do this too. He built a router from the ground up, similar to other web application frameworks like flask or express.js.

Check out our Workers recipes we have listed on our docs here »

Stay tuned for more serverless technology video content.

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