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Join Us And Paul Vixie On Tuesday To Discuss BIND, Root Servers, And DNS Security


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CloudFlare and Gandi have been hosting a speaker series on DNS, previously bringing in the founder of DNS Paul Mockapetris and Dan Kaminsky, who uncovered one of the most critical vulnerabilities in DNS.

Our third and final talk is coming up on June 21st at 6PM PST at the Gandi office in San Francisco (live stream link will be posted on the Meetup page) and you won’t want to miss it, because our speaker is none other than Paul Vixie.

Paul wrote most of BIND Version 8 and hired the team who wrote BIND Version 9, the most widely used DNS software on the Internet. He founded ISC, home of BIND and F-root and later operated C-root.

We'll talk about alternative DNS root servers, email security and spam (Paul founded the first ever anti-spam company), and what needs to be done about DNS and security (Paul added most of BIND’s current security systems).

So come grab a beer and let's geek out about DNS one more time.

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