On the 10th of June, the UK domain registry Nominet made available second-level domain namespace to the public, allowing anyone to register a domain ending with simply .uk This is something the members of the UK CloudFlare team have been looking forward to since the initial announcement at the beginning of this year, and as such are happy to announce that CloudFlare now has full support for .uk domains.

Previously, only third-level domains have been available to the public, in the form .co.uk and .org.uk This is in contrast to other countries such as France and Germany who have always been able to register second-level .fr and .de domains.

According to Nominet, within the first 24 hours of .uk domains becoming available, 50,000 have been registered. Owners of a .co.uk address are given the option to also register the shorter .uk version of their domain for the next 5 years, allowing businesses and personal users to register the shorter version without fear that the domain would be taken by someone else. The third-level UK domains can be used alongside .uk, and will continue to work as before.

As of now, CloudFlare users can set up .uk domain names with CloudFlare in the usual way through their accounts, from within the My websites section.