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Continuing the Conversations from Parallels Summit 2013

by Kristin Tarr.

As we wrote about before, we attended Parallels Summit in February where we hosted "Conversations with CloudFlare" - live video interviews with industry experts.

Below are highlights and video clips from five of those conversations. Tune in to hear the latest in mobile services, how hosting providers are expanding across the world, and what these companies are looking forward to in 2013.

Elliot Noss, CEO of TuCows

When it comes to mobile, TuCows is giving AT&T and Verizon a run for their money with Ting. Elliot explains the benefits of Ting, what's new with their mobile service and why wifi on your phone is all the rage...

Merjin de Brabander, Business Manager at Hostnet

For 2013, Hostnet's application and POA program is really starting to take off. Listen in as Merjin discusses how they've grown and what new services they're bringing to their customers in 2013...

JT Smith, Owner of ViUX

Providing an arrange of hosting services, ViUX is improving
performance and reliability for their customers and considers themselves a complete Parallels shop. One area they pride themselves on? Customer service...

Kris Anderson, Director of Support at Limestone Networks

Limestone Networks is in the business of mission critical data. Their infrastructure supports some of the most reliable data centers around. Their support motto? Simple. Solid. Superior.

Magnus Hult, Executive Vice President at Atomia

Atomia is making it easier than ever to run a business. They focus on the automation and billing platform for hosting providers so businesses can focus on what they do best. Hear what Atomia is working on for 2013...

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