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Large drop in traffic from the Democratic Republic of Congo


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It is not uncommon for countries around the world to interrupt Internet access for political reasons or because of social unrest. We've seen this many times in the past (e.g. Gabon, Syria, Togo).

Today, it appears that Internet access in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been greatly curtailed. The BBC reports that Internet access in the capital, Kinshasa was cut on Saturday and iAfrikan reports that the cut is because of anti-Kabila protests.

Our monitoring of traffic from the Democratic Republic of Congo shows a distinct drop off starting around midnight UTC on January 21, 2018. Traffic is down to about 1/3 of its usual level.


We'll update this blog once we have more information about traffic levels.

Update January 24, 2018

Internet access in the Democratic Republic of Congo looks to have been restored with traffic returning to typical levels after roughly three days of disruption.


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