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Introducing Workers Usage Notifications


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So you’ve built an application on the Workers platform. The first thing you might be wondering after pushing your code out into the world is “what does my production traffic look like?” How many requests is my Worker handling? How long are those requests taking? And as your production traffic evolves overtime it can be a lot to keep up with. The last thing you want is to be surprised by the traffic your serverless application is handling.  But, you have a million things to do in your day job, and having to log in to the Workers dashboard every day to check usage statistics is one extra thing you shouldn’t need to worry about.

Today we’re excited to launch Workers usage notifications that proactively send relevant usage information directly to your inbox. Usage notifications come in two flavors. The first is a weekly summary of your Workers usage with a breakdown of your most popular Workers. The second flavor is an on-demand usage notification, triggered when a worker’s CPU usage is 25% above its average CPU usage over the previous seven days. This on-demand notification helps you proactively catch large changes in Workers usage as soon as those changes occur whether from a huge spike in traffic or a change in your code.

As of today, if you create a new free account with Workers, we’ll enable both the weekly summary and the CPU usage notification by default. All other account types will not have Workers usage notifications turned on by default, but the notifications can be enabled as needed. Once we collect substantial user feedback, our goal is to turn these notifications on by default for all accounts.

The Worker Weekly Summary

The mission of the Worker Weekly Summary is to give you a high-level view of your Workers usage automatically, in your inbox, without needing to sign in to the Worker’s dashboard. The summary includes valuable information such as total request counts, duration and egress data transfer, aggregated across your account, with breakouts for your most popular Workers that include median CPU time. Where duration accounts for the entire time your Worker spends responding to a request, CPU time is the time a script spends in computational work on the Cloudflare edge, discounting any time spent waiting on network requests, including requests to third-party APIs.

Workers Usage Report

Where the Workers Weekly Summary provides a high-level view of your account usage statistics, the Workers Usage Report is targeted, event-driven and potentially actionable. It identifies those Workers with greater than a 25% increase in CPU time compared to the average of the previous 7 days (i.e., those Workers taking significantly more CPU resources now than in the recent past).

While sometimes these increases may be no surprise, perhaps because you’ve recently pushed a new deployment that you expected to do more CPU heavy work, at other times they may indicate a bug or reveal that a script is unintentionally expensive. The Workers Usage Report gives us an opportunity to let you know when a noticeable change in your compute footprint occurs, so that you can remedy any potential problems right away.

Enabling Notifications

If you’d like to explicitly opt in to notifications, you can start off by clicking Add in the Notifications section of the Cloudflare zone dashboard.

After clicking Add, note the two new entries below “Create Notifications” under the “Workers” Product:

Click on the Select box in line with “ Weekly Summary” for the weekly roll-up, which will then allow you to configure email recipients, webhooks or connect the notification to PagerDuty.

Clicking Select next to “Usage Report” for CPU threshold notifications will send you to a similar configuration experience where you can customize email recipients and other integrations.

What’s next?

As mentioned above, we’re enabling notifications by default for all new free plans on Workers. Before rolling out these notifications by default to all our users, we want to hear from you. Let us know your experience with our Workers usage notifications by joining our Developer Community discord or by sending feedback via the survey in the email notifications.

Our Workers Weekly Summary and on-demand CPU usage notification are just the beginning of our journey to support a wide range of useful, relevant notifications that help you get visibility into your deployments. We want to surface the right usage information, exactly when you need it.

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