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Introducing the Cloudflare WordPress Plugin


2 min read

UPDATE: A new WordPress Plugin is available.

Introducing the Cloudflare WordPress

Cloudflare is a service that takes a great deal of pride in listening to the feedback of our users. Cloudflare recently had a customer make a very strong case that we build a WordPress plugin for CloudFlare, something we were considering asking a developer to build, but the customer convinced us to build our own. Within a few weeks, Ian built our first iteration of the CloudFlare WordPress plugin that is now live.

Some common FAQs about the Cloudflare plugin can be found below:

What does the Cloudflare plugin do?

  • Restores the original visitor IP to your WordPress logs. Before the
    plugin the IP addresses would reflect Cloudflare's proxy IP addresses,
    which confused many blog owners.
  • Helps optimize your server database.
  • You can report spam in the plugin, which then feeds the report to
    Cloudflare to make our system smarter at stopping spam for sites on our
    network (coming by week ending November 13th).

How do I install the Cloudflare plugin?
A few clicks are all that is needed to upload the plugin to your blog.

Do I need to be a Cloudflare customer to install the WordPress Plugin?
While we would love for you to be a customer of Cloudflare so you get our speed and protection enhancements for your blog, our plugin was designed so that it could be used by any WordPress blog owner. You still receive the benefits of making sure your server database is optimized.

Does Cloudflare conflict with Akismet or W3 Total Cache?
No, we've designed our plugin to be complementary to all plugins,
including Akismet and W3 Total Cache.

Can I use the Cloudflare with a blog?
Wordpress does not allow for modifications to free blogs, which means
the plugin will only work for self-hosted blogs.

Have a suggestion for improving the Cloudflare plugin? Do you want
a plugin for a different blogging platform? Please contact Cloudflare with your suggestions.

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