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Heeding the call to support Australia’s most at-risk entities


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Heeding the call to support Australia’s most at-risk entities

When Australia unveiled its 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy in November 2023, we enthusiastically announced Cloudflare’s support, especially for the call for the private sector to work together to protect Australia’s smaller, at-risk entities. Today, we are extremely pleased to announce that Cloudflare and the Critical Infrastructure - Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (CI-ISAC), a member-driven organization helping to defend Australia's critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, are teaming up to protect some of Australia’s most at-risk organizations – General Practitioner (GP) clinics.

Cloudflare helps a broad range of organizations -– from multinational organizations, to entrepreneurs and small businesses, to nonprofits, humanitarian groups, and governments across the globe — to secure their employees, applications and networks. We support a multitude of organizations in Australia, including some of Australia’s largest banks and digital natives, with our world-leading security products and services.

When it comes to protecting entities at high risk of cyber attack who might not have significant resources, we at Cloudflare believe we have a lot to offer. Our mission is to help build a better Internet. A key part of that mission is democratizing cybersecurity – making a range of tools readily available for all, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs), non-profits, and individuals. We also offer our cyber protection products and services at no cost to certain at-risk organizations. One example of this is Australia’s Citizens of the Great Barrier Reef, which is a participant in Cloudflare’s Project Galileo. Through Project Galileo, they have access to our advanced cybersecurity tools and support, freeing them to focus on their mission.

CI-ISAC Australia is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to help build the collective defenses of Australia's critical infrastructure to protect them from crippling cyberattacks. CI-ISAC facilitates sharing, aggregates sources, and analyzes cyber threat intelligence across multiple sectors, including healthcare.

Project Secure Health – protecting Australia’s General Practitioner (GP) clinics

Globally, the healthcare sector consistently reports the highest financial costs from cyber attacks. Sensitive patient data is a prime target for cybercriminals. Not surprisingly, Australia’s big and small healthcare organizations alike are facing crippling cyberattacks. GP clinics serve as the backbone of Australia’s community healthcare, but these small-but-essential entities typically face resource constraints that make it difficult for them to implement fundamental but costly cybersecurity measures, leaving Australian patient data exposed to cybercriminals.

The 2023-2030 Australia Cybersecurity Strategy is clear about the threat to smaller at-risk organizations and the vital role of the private sector in supporting these entities. We couldn’t agree more. Heeding their call to help make Australia more secure for all, we are extremely pleased to introduce Project Secure Health: Cloudflare and CI-ISAC’s combined cyber security support for Australia’s GP clinics. This program will enable Australia’s GP Clinics to counter a range of challenging cyber threats: data breaches, ransomware attacks, phishing scams, and insider threats.

CI-ISAC will provide GP clinics with membership in its organization for free and with no time limit, which will enable member GP clinics to proactively understand and respond to healthcare-specific cyber threats. Clinics will have access to CI-ISAC’s tailored threat intelligence products and services, informed by observations across Australia’s critical infrastructure sectors.

As members of CI-ISAC, GP clinics will also receive key Cloudflare services, for free and with no time limit: Cloudflare Gateway, and Cloudflare Access, our Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service. Cloudflare Gateway helps protect GP clinics against Internet threats by preventing staff from accessing harmful and inappropriate Internet content, like ransomware or phishing sites. With Cloudflare Access, GP clinics can simply and effectively manage user access to sensitive patient data, thereby minimizing the risk of unauthorized users gaining access.

Cloudflare and CI-ISAC are ready to support

For GP Clinics interested in participating in Project Secure Health, please contact CI-ISAC at [email protected]. To be eligible for free CI-ISAC membership and Cloudflare ZTNA services, GP Clinics must have fewer than 50 staff members.

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