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Cloudflare Zaraz steps up: general availability and new pricing


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Cloudflare Zaraz has transitioned out of beta and is now generally available to all customers. It is included under the free, paid, and enterprise plans of the Cloudflare Developer Platform. Visit our docs to learn more on our different plans.

Update, 2023-11-10: Based on customer feedback, we are reevaluating pricing for Zaraz so as to best serve a broad range of use cases. Customers can continue to use Zaraz without charge until further notice. A subset of Zaraz features require a paid ($5/mo) Workers subscription, as they always have.

Zaraz is part of the Cloudflare Developer Platform

Cloudflare Zaraz is a solution that developers and marketers use to load third-party tools like Google Analytics 4, Facebook CAPI, TikTok, and others. With Zaraz, Cloudflare customers can easily transition to server-side data collection with just a few clicks, without the need to set up and maintain their own cloud environment or make additional changes to their website for installation. Server-side data collection, as facilitated by Zaraz, simplifies analytics reporting from the server rather than loading numerous JavaScript files on the user's browser. It's a rapidly growing trend due to browser limitations on using third-party solutions and cookies. The result is significantly faster websites, plus enhanced security and privacy on the web.

We've had Zaraz in beta mode for a year and a half now. Throughout this time, we've dedicated our efforts to meeting as many customers as we could, gathering feedback, and getting a deep understanding of our users' needs before addressing them. We've been shipping features at a high rate and have now reached a stage where our product is robust, flexible, and competitive. It also offers unique features not found elsewhere, thanks to being built on Cloudflare’s global network, such as Zaraz’s Worker Variables. We have cultivated a strong and vibrant discord community, and we have certified Zaraz developers ready to help anyone with implementation and configuration.

With more than 25,000 websites running Zaraz today - from personal sites to those of some of the world's biggest companies - we feel confident it's time to go out of beta, and introduce our new pricing system. We believe this pricing is not only generous to our customers, but also competitive and sustainable. We view this as the next logical step in our ongoing commitment to our customers, for whom we're building the future.

If you're building a web application, there's a good chance you've spent at least some time implementing third-party tools for analytics, marketing performance, conversion optimization, A/B testing, customer experience and more. Indeed, according to the Web Almanac report, 94% percent of mobile pages used at least one third-party solution in 2022, and third-party requests accounted for 45% of all requests made by websites. It's clear that third-party solutions are everywhere. They have become an integral part of how the web has evolved. Third-party tools are here to stay, and they require effective developer solutions. We are building Zaraz to help developers manage the third-party layer of their website properly.

Starting today, Cloudflare Zaraz is available to everyone for free under their Cloudflare dashboard, and the paid version of Zaraz is included in the Workers Paid plan. The Free plan is designed to meet the needs of most developers who want to use Zaraz for personal use cases. For a price starting at $5/month, customers of the Workers Paid plan can enjoy the extensive list of features that makes Zaraz powerful, deploy Zaraz on their professional projects, and utilize the pay-as-you-go system. This is in addition to everything else included in the Workers Paid plan. The Enterprise plan, on the other hand, addresses the needs of larger businesses looking to leverage our platform to its fullest potential.

How is Zaraz priced

Zaraz pricing is based on two components: Zaraz Loads and the set of features. A Zaraz Load is counted each time a web page loads the Zaraz script within it, and/or the Pageview trigger is being activated. For Single Page Applications, each URL navigation is counted as a new Zaraz Load. Under the Zaraz Monitoring dashboard, you can find a report showing how many Zaraz Loads your website has generated during a specific time period. Zaraz Loads and features are factored into our billing as follows:

Free plan

The Free Plan has a limit of 100,000 Zaraz Loads per month per account. This should allow almost everyone wanting to use Zaraz for personal use cases, like personal websites or side projects, to do so for free. After 100,000 Zaraz Loads, Zaraz will simply stop functioning.

Following the same logic, the free plan includes everything you need in order to use Zaraz for personal use cases. That includes Auto-injection, Zaraz Debugger, Zaraz Track and Zaraz Set from our Web API, Consent Management Platform (CMP), Data Layer compatibility mode, and many more.

If your websites generate more than 100,000 Zaraz loads combined, you will need to upgrade to the Workers Paid plan to avoid service interruption. If you desire some of the more advanced features, you can upgrade to Workers Paid and get access for only $5/month.

The Workers Paid Plan includes the first 200,000 Zaraz Loads per month per account, free of charge.

If you exceed the free Zaraz Loads allocations, you'll be charged $0.50 for every additional 1,000 Zaraz Loads, but the service will continue to function. (You can set notifications to get notified when you exceed a certain threshold of Zaraz Loads, to keep track of your usage.)

Workers Paid customers can enjoy most of Zaraz robust and existing features, amongst other things, this includes: Zaraz E-commerce from our Web API, Custom Endpoints, Workers Variables, Preview/Publish Workflow, Privacy Features, and more.

If your websites generate Zaraz Loads in the millions, you might want to consider the Workers Enterprise plan. Beyond the free 200,000 Zaraz Loads per month for your account, it offers additional volume discounts based on your Zaraz Loads usage as well as Cloudflare’s professional services.

Enterprise plan

The Workers Enterprise Plan includes the first 200,000 Zaraz Loads per month per account free of charge. Based on your usage volume, Cloudflare’s sales representatives can offer compelling discounts. Get in touch with us here. Workers Enterprise customers enjoy all paid enterprise features.

I already use Zaraz, what should I do?

If you were using Zaraz under the free beta, you have a period of two months to adjust and decide how you want to go about this change. Nothing will change until September 20, 2023.  Update, 2023-11-10: This pricing has not gone into effect. Please see the note at the top of this post.

In the meantime we advise you to:

  1. Get more clarity of your Zaraz Loads usage. Visit Monitoring to check how many Zaraz Loads you had in the previous couple of months. If you are worried about generating more than 100,000 Zaraz Loads per month, you might want to consider upgrading to Workers Paid via the plans page, to avoid service interruption. If you generate a big amount of Zaraz Loads, you’d probably want to reach out to your sales representative and get volume discounts. You can leave your details here, and we’ll get back to you.
  2. Check if you are using one of the paid features as listed in the plans page. If you are, then you would need to purchase a Workers Paid subscription, starting at $5/month via the plans page. On September 20, these features will cease to work unless you upgrade.

* Please note, as of now, free plan users won't have access to any paid features. However, if you're already using a paid feature without a Workers Paid subscription, you can continue to use it risk-free until September 20. After this date, you'll need to upgrade to keep using any paid features.

We are here for you

As we make this important transition, we want to extend our sincere gratitude to all our beta users who have provided invaluable feedback and have helped us shape Zaraz into what it is today. We are excited to see Zaraz move beyond its beta stage and look forward to continuing to serve your needs and helping you build better, faster, and more secure web experiences. We know this change comes with adjustments, and we are committed to making the transition as smooth as possible. In the next couple of days, you can expect an email from us, with clear next steps and a way to get advice in case of need. You can always get in touch directly with the Cloudflare Zaraz team on Discord, or the community forum.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for your ongoing support and trust in Cloudflare Zaraz. Let's continue to build the future of the web together!

We protect entire corporate networks, help customers build Internet-scale applications efficiently, accelerate any website or Internet application, ward off DDoS attacks, keep hackers at bay, and can help you on your journey to Zero Trust.

Visit from any device to get started with our free app that makes your Internet faster and safer.

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