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Cloudflare One Partner Program acceleration


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Cloudflare One Partner Program acceleration

Just a few short months ago, Cloudflare announced the launch of the Cloudflare One Partner Program.  Many customers want to start their journeys to Zero Trust but are not sure where or how to start. It became clear there was a significant opportunity to partner with the channel – to combine Cloudflare’s complete Zero Trust portfolio with a broad set of Cloudflare-enabled, channel-delivered professional services to help customers navigate meaningful ways to adopt a Zero Trust architecture. Underscoring this need to partner was the fact that over the last six months we saw a 50% increase in new Cloudflare Zero Trust customers being won with the channel.

Clearly customers are ready to cut through the market hype of Zero Trust and start implementing - with the right platform of products and services - and the right value contribution of their channel partners.

Since the launch of the Cloudflare One Partner Program, we’ve engaged with hundreds of partners through our recruiting campaigns and in our Zero Trust Roadshow. This has provided a tremendous amount of feedback on what is working and why we believe we have the right program at the right time. This feedback has consistently centered around a few key themes:

A broad Zero Trust platform - our channel partners see the value in having a broad zero trust platform that acknowledges the Zero Trust journey for their customers is not a “one size fits all.”  It takes the right set of cloud-native technologies to fulfill the varied requirements from smaller, mid-market customers to the largest enterprises. One customer may start the transition to Zero Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) by phasing out VPNs for 3rd parties while another may start by replacing VPNs for their remote workers.

For others, the journey may start with the need to streamline their SaaS security or a compliance-driven need to protect web traffic from modern threats. We even see customers starting their Zero Trust journey by applying advanced, cloud-native protection to their email.

Each of these real customer use cases represents an “on-ramp” to Zero Trust architecture, rooted in a specific business need and desired outcome for the customer. Our partners tell us that having a broad Zero Trust platform comprising each of the services needed to fulfill these use cases means they are enabled to assess exactly what their customers need and compose the best starting point for their entry to Zero Trust.

Bundles make configuration and design easy - The Cloudflare One Partner Program provides exclusive access to a set of Zero Trust solution bundles optimized for the real use cases that partners encounter when helping their customers map out a Zero Trust strategy.

Cloudflare Zero Trust Essentials, Advanced and Premier bundles combine the required services to deliver a well orchestrated solution and are available direct from Cloudflare or through Distributors. The feedback from our partners SE community is that the bundles can save a significant amount of time in solution design and configuration.

Partner-delivered professional services - Customers of all sizes need channel partners to help them find the value in a Zero Trust architecture – to identify that first use case that will allow them to start their transformation. The Cloudflare One Partner Program acknowledges this critical role the channel plays in assessing customer requirements, designing and implementing the solution, and providing ongoing support.

For partners with existing services practices, our new enablement, certification, service blueprints and tools helps them light up their Zero Trust services offerings. For partners who don’t yet possess these capabilities, Cloudflare back-stops them with packaged service offerings delivered by authorized service partners. This creates a selling environment that ensures we all can find the best possible solution for every customer, design and deliver that solution in a highly efficient way and provide consistent ongoing support.

At our partner recruiting events, two representative tools that get super positive feedback  – A Roadmap to Zero Trust Architecture and our 90 Minute Zero Trust Assessment – both of which are proving highly valuable in helping partners jump start a meaningful Zero Trust dialog with their customers.

Reward for Value - In addition to delivering the broad Zero Trust platform, bundles and services enablement, the Cloudflare One Partner Program acknowledges the critical role and full contribution of our partners to bringing Zero Trust to life for their customers. Reward for Value is our partner financial incentive structure that rewards for developing Zero Trust opportunities (deal registration), designing a bundled solution and delivering professional services. This is an important acknowledgement that we can drive Zero Trust architectures to the market faster with the channel than we could do on our own. Our partners love the Reward for Value model, and we believe it’s an important foundation to building a mutually rewarding relationship with the channel.

If the Cloudflare One Partner Program resonates with you, and you’re serious about helping your customers find value in a Zero Trust architecture, let’s talk. We’d love to share more about all the Program elements outlined in this blog and how you can put them to work for your business. We’re building our Zero Trust channel one great partner at a time - are you next?

For more details visit our Cloudflare One Partner Program website.

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