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App a Day #13 - CDNJS Selections for Legacy Browser Support


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CDNJS Selections

CDNJS Selections is a few carefully selected scripts from the full CDNJS collection, which is now hosted on CloudFlare's global CDN.

To demonstrate the utility of this open-source repository, today's CloudFlare App is CDNJS Selections, where a click installs the selected JavaScript libraries on your site.

Five Easy Pieces

CDNJS has a wide range of community-driven projects in its peer-reviewed, open source repository. We're highlighting five which make the challenge of legacy browsers less frustrating for site owners.

  • Modernizr
  • Google Chrome Frame
  • Flexie
  • CSS3 Finalize
  • JSON2

Add any or all of these free scripts to your site with the CDNJS Selections App, without making a code change.

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