API: How To Build CloudFlare Into Your Web

We're happy to release today a couple APIs that allow web developers to integrate CloudFlare directly into their web applications.

CloudFlare DNS / Threat Control API CloudFlare Settings API

If you're a web developer, what could you do with these APIs? Well, you could....

  • Add a button to Joomla's control panel to automatically clear your CloudFlare cache
  • Create a WordPress plugin that allows you to change your security level right from the control panel
  • Automatically add the IPs of visitors you report as spam in Drupal to your CloudFlare Threat Control block list
  • Update your DNS records hosted in CloudFlare from your custom cPanel module
  • Report your unique visitor stats from within your vBulletin board
  • And much more!

These APIs join the existing CloudFlare Hosting Provider API, which allows hosting providers to offer CloudFlare to their users without giving up control of DNS. While the Hosting Provider API is limited to approved hosts, the new APIs are open to anyone with a CloudFlare account.

We're excited to see how web developers will integrate with the news APIs, and we're committed to exposing more functionality over time so let us know what you'd like to see. Finally don't forget to tell us if you build a plugin or other functionality with the CloudFlare API so we can promote your work to the whole CloudFlare community!