2 Petabytes of Bandwidth (and Real Money) Saved

Sometime on Sunday, November 13, 2011 (which was a pretty awesome day on its own, quite aside from this news) we crossed the point of having saved our users 2 petabytes of bandwidth. That's a staggering amount of data. According to Wolfram Alpha, it's the equivalent of all the data on the Internet Archive circa 2006, 1/46th of the "deep Internet" today, or the total estimated storage of an average human brain.

We're continuing to save users almost a gigabyte of data a second. You can watch the savings tick up on our network map. Pretty incredible when you compare us against services that charge by the byte.

If you're on Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google AppEngine or another host that charges you for bandwidth, CloudFlare won't just make your site faster, it will do so while actually saving you money. In other words, CloudFlare's basic service isn't just free, it's less than free.