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Welcome to the Team!


We have a new face around Cloudflare. Damon Billian came on-board in
early September and is here to focus on the Cloudflare community. We
believe in building a strong community since one of the powerful things
about Cloudflare is that with every new site on the system, the system
gets smarter.

Damon has a ton of experience creating vibrant communities. He was the
first community manager at PayPal, including living through the eBay
acquisition. More recently he evangalized for SimplyHired and
(including taking them through their launch at TechCrunch40). Having a
community that works together to identify new threats as they arise is
critical for Cloudflare and we couldn't be more thrilled to have someone with his background joining our team.

You will see Damon in the Cloudflare Knowledge Base and on Twitter and Facebook too.

Damon has an infectious energy, so we are excited to have him on-board. We know you will be too!

Welcome to the

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