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The many sites of CloudFlare


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Each day I get to trade notes with CloudFlare customers. I'm constantly amazed by the diversity of businesses that use the service from around the world. I wanted to share some stories from some of our customers about their experience on CloudFlare.

The many sites of CloudFlare

Sporting Events

The San Francisco Marathon
The San Francisco Marathon is a popular race. With 24,000 runners competing in five events, the San Francisco Marathon has runners of all ages, from all over the globe. The website is used for registration, to organize runners during the actual event weekend and to track each runners race time.

"I really love how simple it was to set up and use. CloudFlare is an easy to use CDN service with offerings at all levels," said said Laura Baalman, an independent IT consultant to the San Francisco Marathon website. "I would recommend anyone with a website, especially those that get big changes in traffic, to give it a try."

Read full case study here.

The many sites of CloudFlare

Social Media

Storify helps its users tell stories by curating social media. Storify sees huge spikes of traffic during major events around the world, like Hurricane Sandy or the U.S. presidential election.

"Thanks to services like CloudFlare, we can scale Storify to more than 24 million story views per month with only 3 engineers," said Xavier Damman, co-founder and CEO of Storify.

During Hurricane Sandy, CloudFlare saved Storify more than 75 million requests and over 470 GB of bandwidth.

"Having CloudFlare save these requests has enabled us to stay online and keep up with the surges in traffic due to significant news sharing during Hurricane Sandy," said Xavier.

Read full blog post here.

The many sites of CloudFlare


Runa Tea
Runa produces guayusa tea sourced from the Ecuadorian Amazon. Guayusa balances as much caffeine as one cup of coffee with twice the antioxidants of green tea creating. The drink has gained popularity around the world, including among the CloudFlare team. It is always well-stocked in our kitchen.

"We love CloudFlare and recommend it to anyone looking for amazing
results," said Anna Premo Director of Marketing at Runa.

The many sites of CloudFlare

Search Engine Optimization is an experienced search marketing firm dedicated to making websites more visible online and profitable.

"I've been using CloudFlare for over a year now. I had a personal website which began to see significant traffic and I was really having server load issues. In addition, the site had been hacked twice. Because of that, security and scalability was important to me," said Derek Perkins, VP of Technology at "I tried CloudFlare on that website and I now have it on 30 other sites, including I have yet to have any of those sites compromised, which has been fantastic."

The many sites of CloudFlare

Live, online customer support

Zopim is an award winning, cloud based live chat platform that makes it easy for businesses to deliver fast customer service online. Businesses who sign up with Zopim are fanatics when it comes to delivering customer wow. More than 50,000 businesses use Zopim Live Chat to chat with their online customers everyday. Zopim is based in Singapore.

"Thanks to CloudFlare's CDN, our chat widget began loading extremely fast no matter where it was being loaded from," said Qing. "By caching and serving the static images on our widget, CloudFlare accelerated the byte load and reduced the widget loading time by at least 50%. Even our customers could feel the significant improvement in speed."

Read full case study here.

The many sites of CloudFlare

Russian Photographer

Ekaterina Dokuchaeva
Ekaterina Dokuchaeva is a talented photographer from Russia with her own unique style and creativity. Despite the fact that Ekaterina is just 21 years old, she has already done exquisite art creations and continues to work hard in the photo-industry.

"There's an introduction song playing on the backround of the landing page. This song made page load speed very slow and visitors constantly complained that the site was not fast enough," said Dokuchaev Konstantin, who manages the site. "Once I enabled CloudFlare's CDN and compression features to our website, the page load time immediately reduced to three seconds in all browsers. It was great solution of our problem. I wasn't expecting such a noticable change!"

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