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Empowering our partners with the new Tenant Platform dashboard


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Empowering our partners with the new Tenant Platform dashboard

Cloudflare has always worked closely with partners to help build a better Internet. From our earliest Hosting Partners, to our latest Cloudflare One program and Authorized Service Delivery partners, we are dedicated to supporting our peers across the networking and cybersecurity ecosystem to secure Enterprise networks, mission-critical applications, and remote employees. As part of that commitment, we are proud to announce the general availability of our first dashboard for our Tenant Platform, providing an intuitive user interface for agencies and partners to manage their client accounts.

Tenant Platform introduction

The first version of the Tenant Platform was created in 2018 to support one of our large integration partners, IBM Cloud. They needed a secure way to independently provision accounts for their clients, spin up custom subscriptions, invite service users within each new account, and begin to configure the service. This platform, although API only, worked extremely well with our OEM and integration partners that were including our solution within their current platform to support their customers.

Multi-Tenant Structure

User interface overview

As Cloudflare has expanded the type of partners and customers it works with, it became clear that a user interface would be required to support agency, service and system integration partners that needed the same administrative controls as our integration partners, but available within our core dashboard. This allows scaled account management to be available to our partners as well as large Enterprise customers managing multiple business units.

Accessing the platform

All of our current partner administrators are now able to access the Tenants link on the left hand navigation within the Cloudflare dashboard. This will place them within the Tenant Overview page.

Tenant Overview

Within the Tenant Overview, we surface our documentation and some basic information about the tenant system and the program level of the partner.

Account insights

After speaking with our partners, the ability to quickly assess the health of accounts and underlying zones was paramount. To this end, we prioritized surfacing account-level security and performance insights for all child accounts within the Tenant system. This allows partner support teams to immediately dive into a specific Account that may be experiencing an issue or misconfiguration.

Security Insights allow you to quickly confirm that an application is effectively onboarded.
Traffic Insights surface error rates across all child accounts. 

Managed accounts

An additional improvement is the creation of a Managed Account section under the Tenant category. This section allows you to quickly search for and get a summary of accounts in active management by your Tenant system. This table will include cumulative spend of the account, product activation reviews, and the most recent action from the account audit log. The goal is to provide a single page to understand the health of all of your managed accounts, and jump into the specific account when necessary.  

Managed Accounts provide a summary of all child accounts.

Just getting started

Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. We know we cannot do that alone, and we treasure all of our partners that have worked with us to accomplish that mission across our technical, channel and alliance relationships. Throughout 2023 and 2024, we look to continue to grow our Tenant Platform across a few key areas. We have a robust roadmap to continue to mature our API and UI for tenant user management, centralized subscription management, billing and analytics rollups, and other foundational improvements. Our goal is to make Cloudflare the vendor of choice to seamlessly integrate with our partner’s product and service offerings for CDN, WAF, DDoS, Zero Trust, Workers and more.

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