Pronounce: CloudFlare's Latest Free

CloudFlare's latest app lets your users read your website aloud. Pronounce is a free app that takes advantage of Microsoft's translation tools. Once enabled, your users can select any block of text up to 512 characters long and see a small popup icon. If you click the icon, then the block of text will be read aloud. What's particularly cool is the language and accent of the reader will be adjusted depending on the language set by the page. So if your page is in French, then it will be read aloud in a French accent. Pretty slick!

Pronounce was developed internally by Ram, the newest member of CloudFlare's team. Ram had previously developed a browser extension with the Pronounce functionality. When he showed it to us during his interview we immediately thought two things: 1) we wanted him on our team; and 2) his first project would be turning it into a CloudFlare app.

You can check out a live demo of Pronounce. The accents even support British vs. American English.

Add Pronounce to your website today for free and make it easier for your content to be heard!